Calorie Needs - Weight Loss

  1. Calorie Needs - Weight Loss

    Before you all jump my case, I do not work for this company and let me finish before you beat me to death as a plant. I recently bought this program from It really is excellent for tracking your nutrients, etc. (needs some work to track my supplements better) and is only 20 bucks.

    My question is what do you believe is the necessary (right) amount of caloric decrease over maintanence that results in weight loss, but does not totally hammer your metabolism. The FitDay programs seems to be a little too forgiving, especially compared to what I see posted on this site. I am a big proponent of a cheat day once a week to jump start my BMR, but an curious if there is a consensus on this topic.

    Love the FitDay program, but curious to get your input on this one.

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    I would only dropthe cals about 250 to start assuming you will be adding
    in some cardio as well. As far as a cheat "day" i am not to sure it is a
    good idea. If you need to have a cheat meal once a week that would not be to big
    of a deal but try to keep it to a minimum. It should take longer than
    a week for you BMR to drop that much. One way to be sure that it has
    not dropped to much is to check your temperature first thing in the morning
    and if it starts to drop below 97.0 then you need to bump up your cals for
    a little while. As far as the FITDAY program i am not to sure but i do love the on-line
    free version they offer. For only 20 bucks i guesse you can not go wrong.

  3. Thanks for the input. My primary thought is this, it seems like a lot of people feel you should take that 250 off of your BMR calories needs and not factor in the calories burned via both digestion and activity (even sitting at a desk burns some calories). The program specifically calculates all this and makes me think I may have overdone the calorie reductions in the past and accidently put myself into hibernation mode (slowed metabolism).

    Any additional thoughts on this topic?

  4. General rule is 500 below maintenance, gradually getting there. Don't just make the cut in one step.

    I agree about fitday's BMR numbers seeming a bit inflated as well. Wonderful program otherwise though.

  5. Sorry to hijack your thread but I do have a question somewhat on the lines of this subject. Is there a free website where you can get the basic calorie contained in just about any food. Example: small baked white potato, medium red delicious apple, pear,
    small salad, chicken breast(baked) with no skin, ect.

  6. Visit

    Hey asap, not to be a rude or anything, but why do you go around and dig up old threads?


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