Big boy needs to strip out, here's the plan, plz review and critique.

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    When you do estimated burn are you assuming your BMR plus your activity total? Or just activity level?
    No, it is BMR plus activity as calculated via

  2. Oh sweet...your hammering well man...
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  3. 10/10/11 Day 1, wk 4 (Deload) RS Transaderm Day 25.
    OH BB press (x5's) 80, 125, 145

    Seated OH DB PRess @ 35's

    DB Lateral Raise @12's

    Facedown Rear Delt DB raise @12's

    Hammer Curl 20's

    Wide Grip BB Curl @ 40

    Wrapped up with 35 minutes on the stationary bike, random hills, 147 cals.

    Dietary for today: 2820 cals (135 carbs, 257 protein [plus 16g bcaa], 130 fats) with an estimated burn of 3674 for a deficit of 854.

  4. Just work today; 2592 cals (86 carbs, 237 protein [plus 12 g bcaa]129 fats with an estimated burn of 3466 for a deficit of 914.

  5. 10/13/11 Day 3, wk 4 (Transaderm day 28) Deload

    Bench (x5's) 110, 140, 170

    Flat DB Press 4x12 @40

    Incline BB Bench (To mid chest)
    [email protected]

    Assited Dip 3x10 @ 123

    Close Grip Bench 3x10@ 100

    Finished it of with 15x 45/45 HIIT, 131 calls.

    Dietary for today: 2814 cals, 162 carbs, 243 protein [plus 12g bcaa], 118 fats) with an estimated burn of 3683, deficit 869.

  6. Just some variable resistance cardio tonigt, 80/90/100%, 6 minutes/stage with 1 minute step down, going all out the last 60 seconds of each stage. 175 cals. Took the cheat day today food wise. Tomorrow we finish the deload weak with a light leg work out.

  7. Ok, started the post Transaderm PCT on Saturday the 15th, so we are presently running DA-HCG, Anabeta, Division One, Erase and Creatine Ethyle Ester (3g pre and post workout). The Transaderm run led to a gain of 4 pounds but another .5 inch of the waist.

    Started Mesocylce 6 tonight. Training maxes will be as follows Squat - 410, Dead lift - 410, Bench - 285. We are re-working form on the OH Presses to a very strict no "hip push" to get it moving, every rep down to my upper chest. Started at dropping the Training max on these by 50 pounds to 160 but since I got 12 perfectly executed reps, think I am going to bump it to 170 for next weeks percentages.

    Day 1, week 1 (Mesocycle 6) 10/17/11

    Standing OH Press (Very strict form) 100x5, 120x5, 135x12

    Arnold Presses @55's

    Seated Lateral Raise @25's

    Face Down Lying Rear Delt raise @ 20's

    Seated Hammer Curl @35's

    Wide Grip Barebell Curl @ 70

    Wrapped things up with 15x45/45 HIIT for 127 cals.

    Dietary for today: 2625 cals (85 carbs, 243 protein {plus 24g BCAA}, 135 fats) with an estimated burn of 3980 for a deficit of 1355.

  8. Ok, tonight was a mixed bag of good and bad. Happy with the diet and weights moved, except I felt a pain in my right hammy during my 2nd set of BO DB Rows, not sure if it is a strain or a cramp, but it is still touchy. Oddly enough, I was able to do 2 sets of 25 back extensions after. Also, my left shoulder hurt like hell from the rows but it got better when I altered my "angle of attack". Hopefully it will heal in time for squats Friday.

    Day 2, wk 1 (Mesocycle 6) PCT day 4
    5:00 to 5:55

    Dead lift 265x5, 310x5, 350X7 (New PR) (Does not include 5 minute cardio warm up and light sets)

    2 pulley Cable Wide Grip Pull Down
    180-8, 160x10/8+pr, 7+pr

    BO DB row @ 90
    12/11, 12/12, 10/10.

    Back Hyperextension 2x25

    Gonna hit some cardio tomorrow before work, lower ab work. See how the hammy feels.

    Dietary for today: 2743 cals (127 carbs, 253 protein [+18 g BCAA], 124 fats) with an estimated burn of 4004, deficit of 1261.

  9. For anyone who has been following, for the next 3 months, updates will be posted here:

    Big Boys throw down to lean out (Sponsored by Need to Build Muscle's N2 Burn.

    OnlyChevy6 has thrown down the Gauntlet and I have accepted the challenge.

  10. good job!


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