I have run the EC or ECA stack several times with good results before. Lately I have just started a new weight loss regimen with EC stack and for some odd reason, I get real bad nasal congestion at night. It is so bad to the point where I can't sleep because I have to breathe through my mouth only. This may not sound too bad but waking up constantly with dry mouth is very annoying. I do have allergic rhinitis but it had pretty much gone away ever since college. I don't understand why this is happening all of the sudden, so I'll list some of the noticeable changes that took place from the last few times I have run the EC stack:

1. I started taking EC before fasted morning cardio instead of taking it before afternoon workout. (awake at 5 and workout starts at 6)

2. The caffeine that I use is in a tablet form instead of capsule.

3. Instead of taking 3 doses of EC spread out, I now take 1 EC in the morning and one dose of OEP afternoon.

4. My diet plan changed from CKD to 40/40/20

If any of you guys know what could be the cause of this, please help me out. Thanks.