calorie defecit ?

  1. calorie defecit ?

    So Im finally in a spot to fully get back into the gym after about a year off and gaining way too much damn weight. So here is the question. Im about 305 lbs. LBM is around 220 depending on the formula. I know the general rule for weight loss is 500 cal below maint. However to me that doesnt seem like that big of defecit given my current weight. In your opinions would I be fine eating to maintain my lbm or should I start somewhere in the middle. Im not concerned too much with losing muscle or strength. Actually the last time I did CKD I was still making strength gains and losing the weight quite quickly. I just need to get this extra weight off as a priority first. I can put size back on later...

  2. Then go back to what you did before on ckd. It doesn't seem like a bg deficit but if you start too low, your body will stall much faster. When weight loss stalls, you will havr to adjust calories down again. There is a point of diminishing returns. Once you get too low, your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to everything. Then you will be spinning your wheels.

  3. Just like Y&F said, you don't want to eat at too low a deficit. 500 calories under is quite sufficient for you at this point. If you go too low your fat loss may come to a halt and muscle atrophy may occur instead. Take it slow.

    Drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies!

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