I did a small cut last hear starting around march/april. I ran a CKD and lost about 12lbs in two months but I never got around to seeing a clear 6-pack because summer came and so did working 60 hours a week (eating fat+protein) wasn't working out as i wanted. So i had to stop.

    This time around I want to start cutting in the middle/end of january and cut through beginning of may so that's around 4 months on cut. I'm going to have my bodyfat checked at my school's REC center tomorrow so I will have a baseline of how much i need to lose. I think i'm probably around 17/18 percent I'm 185 right now and hoping to get to at least 190 by the end of december. (if i go over that cool too)

    I want to do a slow, constant cut this time though. I've read up more on the keto diet and found that it's really hard on the body and i'd rather take the "slow and steady wins the race" card. SO MY QUESTIONS ARE....

    1) Do you guys think i should take a fat burner? I'm 19 5'9" 185+lbs
    2)I'm debating on doing Low carb all the way for 4 months straight...is this smart?

    I can get my macro's in order and i know how to eat. I just need guidance on which is the best way to get lean without losing too much muscle.

    Thanks for the replies guys. This is by far the best board out there when it comes to this ****

  2. 1) no
    2) if your goin to be working out hard and doing cardio i would cycle carbs instead of just running low carb for that long
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  3. not much more to add. so long as you are taking it slowly, there is no benefit to taking in 2800 calories as a CKD vs with carbs, its more about what you feel better and have higher energy during

  4. ok then no fat burner and cycle carbs.

    it would still be smart to take BCAA's throughout the day right? i'm thinking about using purpla wraath by CL along with my protein, multi, and fish oil

  5. BCAA's are always great to take, along with fish oil protein and a multi should be a staple in your regime anyways. purple wraath i heard is good **** but i've never taken it personally so i cant really say about that, but i can say i've heard alot of good things about it so you can try that if you want
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  6. yea i've also heard good things about WRAATH.

    just got my bodyfat % done. the girl said i was 18.5 percent. using some really expensive looking skinfold calipers she pinched my fat on my belly, chest, and thigh two times each...is this method pretty accurate you think?

    from where i stand i'm looking at losing about 20 lbs once i get to 190ish and that should drop me hopefully to around 10 percent. if i'm cutting for 4 months that'll be about 5lbs a month which shouldn't be a problem. i'll probably start a log when that time comes...

  7. Calipers are not at all accurate. Grossly off the actual measurement.

    Google is your friend on this theory

  8. My .02

    I know the picture of a cheeseburger is just a picture, but why dirty bulk? It really makes no sense, if you know you don't mind gaining some weight pre-cut, then make it clean, lean weight. Increase your intake of proteins and good carbs and gain some actual muscle mass. Doing so will only help you in the cut phase as well.

    When you do cut, I'd recommend carb cycling. PM me and I can direct you to one of the best posts in the world explaining carb cycling. Its on another site, and I don't want to link it, as thats not kosher.

    If you're going to bother with a fatburner - why not just run ECA? You can search the forums - there is a ton of info on it. Its more effective.

    Good luck man.

  9. the picture of the cheeseburger was strictly joking. i'm on a more or less clean diet. i don't eat fast food except subway every now and then or qdoba (reallllly good burrito place with whole ingredients). but i'm going to make a point to try and clean it up a little before i cut. i dont want to get too sloppy two months before i cut as that would add more work for me. point taken tho. i PM'd u

  10. actually cheeseburgers can be healthy and fairly clean. a lowfat swiss cheese on top of a burger that is from 96/4 beef, on an ezekiel bun isn't bad and tastes good

  11. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    actually cheeseburgers can be healthy and fairly clean. a lowfat swiss cheese on top of a burger that is from 96/4 beef, on an ezekiel bun isn't bad and tastes good

    heard dat

    sounds delicious as hell
    Bench - 355
    Squat - 405
    Deadlift - 600

  12. i've had my fair share of homemade cheeseburgers and they are great. lately though i've been buying hamburger helper and throwing out the white pasta and using whole wheat instead...still probably full of stuff that isn't good for you

  13. My Accu-Measure calipers are reasonably accurate, which is handy as Im just about to do a cut myself. When i cut, I tend to do the CKD with my carb load on weekends, and sometimes even on say a Wednesday and Sunday if energy levels are low during the week if my workouts are sluggish.


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