1. Diet/Supps

    Iv been doing this for a few months..

    AP (Just started yesterday, found it in my cupboard. I ordered it last year and its bout to exp)

    Just a quick outline of my diet, with supps;

    -2g ALCAR, 3g Creatine, 2g BA, 5g Leucine
    Meal 1
    5 Eggs (1 Yolk)
    1/2 cup oats
    1/2 scoop Whey
    -2x Fishoil, 1x Multi, 1x VitaC

    Meal 2
    175g Chicken Breast
    1 cup Brocolli
    15 Almonds
    -1x CLA

    Meal 3 - Same as above - 2x Fishoil

    -1x AP (20mins before)
    Meal 4 (pre-workout meal)
    250g Sweet Potato
    1/2cup Mixxed Veggies
    175g Steak or Tuna
    - 1x CLA, 1x Multi, 1x VitaC

    -Preworkout (ussually some sort of preworkout stuff)

    -Durring Workout - 4scoops Xtend (Sip half durring workout, half durring cardio)

    - After weights, Cellmass (yeh, i got it cheap), 2g ALCAR

    -30 mins Cardio

    -PWO - 1 scoop Whey, 2g BA, 4 Rice Cakes

    -1x AP (20mins before)
    Meal 5
    175g Chicken Breast
    1/2 cup Mixxed Veggies
    200g Sweet Potato
    -2x Fishoil

    Meal 6
    250g Cottage Cheese
    1tbsp Peanut Butter
    1x CLA

  2. Training is
    Mon: Quads/Abs Cardio
    Tue: Shoulders/Biceps Cardio
    Wed: Ham/Calves/Abs Cardio
    Thu: -
    Fri: Chest/Tri Cardio
    Sat: Back/Biceps (Carb Load Day) NO Cardio.
    Sun: -

  3. That diet looks amazing and encompasses basically all of your needs.
    Your workout routine looks good as well and makes sense. It mirrors very closely what I aim for year round.
    What are your goals?

  4. Just getting lean slowly... maybe add a few lbs of lean muscle (if possible).. but just to get lean slowly

    Cardio is ussually just 30mins LISS on treadmill. i tried HIIT but that just killed me.. my legs are gone from quad day, and then i smash the other side of the leg (hammies), and then deadlifts on back day. So HIIT is too much for me.

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