BACK in the gym after a 3yr break

  1. BACK in the gym after a 3yr break

    This is my first post on this forum so i would like to say whats up to every one on here. I have been out of the gym for way to long and i have gained a lot of weight over the last couple years. I was 209 pretty lean when i quit working out and three weeks ago i was at 263. I have been dieting for the past three weeks and i am down to 254. my goal is to be around 210. I am just looking for some tips to help loose the lbs's and to stay

    Thanks in advance

  2. what up DIZZLE, you picked a helluva place to come man. these guys are great at helping out. 3yrs is a while but you said you were 209 & lean so you've probably got a good idea of what you need to do. i'm just starting back from a 3month hiatus myself due to med. problems. just keep pushin' through the first month or so of workouts and you'll start remembering the good ole' days i'm sure. & let me be the first to welcome you to AM!!!!

  3. While my break isn't as long, i took a 2 monther, due to relationship issues and issues with my bi-polar disorder made it very hard to get motivated enough to lift, however im getting back on track...

    Good luck to you, 3yrs is a long time.

  4. Thanks for your support guys ya marriage and McDonald's took and then i got so wrapped up in life i put my self on the back burner

  5. stay motivated dude! goodluck

  6. Okay, not my thread but my first post too. Same situation...though.

    Had a great training partner for a long time but that fell through and I just lost motivation. Then I seemed to find every excuse under the sun.

    Put on too many pounds since then, currently 232.5lbs, so I'm hoping to get some inspiration from you folks and widdle my way down to 190ish.


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