CKD and cardio

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  1. I have ON right now, I'll check out the isopure then.

    EDIT: Yup, I did research for a good week before I started to get it all down, lol.
    But once you get used to everything, it is seeming easier than a norm diet. The energy that I wasn't getting on a norm one is also sweet

    I need to go get my jump rope so I don't have run in the ~40 degree weather tomorrow morning <_<

  2. Thanks brother!!!

  3. But I didn't do anything ^_^ Also while you're doing your research, read this whole topic, it should help out a bit

    Isopure is lookin awesome, double the protein of ON, and only 1 carb (2 fiber)
    I heard All The Whey cinnabun is good, but I can't find a nutrition label :/

  4. I really haven't been using my protein powders. I guess its because im used to savory, salty, spicy now and the strawberry shakes are just too sweet for my taste during keto. Too artificial tasting. They should come out with a bbq flavor.

  5. Dang, I love the taste. It's the only time I have something that tastes sweet, but I stay away from the straw/van/and choc flavors, they always do seem fake to me. I stick with Cookies n cream or something weird, but not fruit punch or any fruit ones.

    BBQ protein would taste so weird, lol.

  6. I have the cookies and cream, doesn't taste like it to me.

  7. I honestly don't think it does either, it just tastes good and that's all I know, lol. I don't see how it is cookies 'n cream, but whatever. If anything I taste the creamy part every once in awhile, also, have you tried adding the extra virgin olive oil in? Definately was funky the first time I did it, now it kinda tastes good with the different taste.

    Drank less water yesterday, and checked the keto strips, it says I'm between 80/160 again. So I dunno if I should keep drinking less and see if the jello doesn't affect me or what.

    I won't be able to do my final workout Friday either, but we have a Midnight Madness thing at school, the first "practice" for bball, so I am just counting that because I'll be running around the whole night, sprinting and normal pace. Is it still fine to do my refeed on Sat? Or should I do a full body today after school? Either way, I don't want to refeed Friday, because I'll be working Sat night through the end of my refeed, and I can usually get carbs easy at work, and I get hungrier than if I were at home or out doing something.

  8. Arg, reading around, some people say dairy products while on CKD are bad, but I thought cheese was perfect, balanced between fat/protein, and has a nice chunk of calcium(which is nowhere else but in my multi)
    So is cheese ok or not? I have it in 2-3 of my meals

    EDIT: It'd be sweet if someone can answer my working out question, if I'm going to, I need to start soon <_<

  9. Im really not too sure with the time frame and i'm honestly not sure how much sprinting will help in maximum glycogen composition. It should help, but if you really aren't sure then maybe just stay in keto for a few more days and put it off to a day that you can workout. Cheese should be fine, ive never gotten knocked out of keto from cheese.

  10. Ya, keeping cheese for sure, can't find a downside.

    I did a normal bis/tris/shoulders, today I am going to be able to do my depletion, but I won't have cardio after it because of the bball tonight. If my workout is done arund 5, I should eat at 7, 9, 11, and 1 right? And all of them should be my simple sugars right?(Gatorade,white bread, white rice, etc..) And then tomorrow should be all starches/complex?

    Just wanna make sure, because I have been screwing up with my refeeds <_<

  11. How long are you doing your carb up for? I do a 2 day carb up, concentrating quick digesting carbs the first half and slow digesting carbs the second half. If your doing it one day you would start off with the quicker stuff and taper off to slower digesting stuff. See how you feel and how you look.

  12. I am going to be doing it up until Saturday night. So, for 30 something hours.
    I am going to drink a boatload of gatorade, and have white bread with lean meat for tonight's meals, and tomorrow I will have cereal for breakfast, and just have potatos and wheat bread, etc...

  13. Sounds good. Monitor your body, see at what numbers you start to look fuller, feel fuller. If your not lean enough to see definition in your chest, abs, etc, check your forearms.

  14. Alright, thanks. Can't wait for some frikkin carbs, lol.

  15. Hey guys, been lurking for awhile and learning tons from this site. Thanks for all the knowledge. I'm a bit confused on CKD and HIIT as well. I've been on CKD for about 4-5 weeks and doing well, however, I've stuck to my split routine doing legs/abs on Sun, shoulders & tris on Mon, Tue off/cardio, Wed back and bi's, & chest on Thursday. Currently I'm doing low reps//high weight. I feel that I can work each muscle harder this way without spending more than an hour on a workout. After your posts and reading the articles on it, I need to get better at a depletion workout, but since I'm lifting all week, I hate to turn around and work the muscles all over again on Fri. Would a long cardio session on Fri serve to deplete glycogen for me, or should I go to the standard Leg/Ab's on Mon, upper body on Tuesday, and total body on Fri?

  16. Why not do a depletion workout? It's not nearly as physically straining as your other days should be. Depletion days should be high rep, 12-15 reps, high rep, quick movement between exercises. It sets up very positive movements in your body and an efficient carb load.

  17. I guess I just can't get over the fear of overtraining as I am used to working each muscle group to exhaustion once a week. If I've just worked out a muscle group the day before (chest), will I cause problems by hitting it again while circuit training on a depletion workout? I guess I could go easy on the chest for the last workout and focus more on my legs, abs, etc.

    Do you think I'd be okay sticking to the split routine with a final total body depletion workout --- Or should I just go with what Llye McDonald recommends?

  18. Depletion is high rep low weight right?

    And I do split for my depletion, but I dunno if that's right, sooo, lol.

    Speaking of depletion workout, mine starts in an hour :O

  19. Why not move chest to shoulder and tricep day?

    On CKD the smaller muscle groups, the biceps, the triceps, calves, shoulders, they don't need as much work as the other muscles do because they hold comparatively less glycogen than the other muscles and are involved with alot of other movements.

    If you want to keep your 4 day split do the major groups as close to the start of the week as possible so that your not as worn out for the depletion.

  20. Thanks, I think that's a much better idea. Will also give me another day for some cardio. Appreciate it Thomas!

  21. Dang, tonight was awesome. Had some insane energy with all the gatorade and power bars I stacked up on ^_^

    During my carb ups, on Saturdays, should I still take LR?

  22. I honestly have no idea what LR is.

  23. Leviathan Reloaded

    And I am already lookin a bit bloated in my stomach, but my muscles are definately full Should I keep carbing all of tomorrow with my complex, or just stop now? I dunno how bloated to get

    Eating my cereal and no fat yogurt now

  24. I wouldn't take the LR on carb up days as it contains yohimbine, which is not very effective when taken with carbs. I was always told save it for low carb days as it works better on low carb diets.

  25. Alright, thanks, guess I wasted 2 pills then ^_^

    After our practice last night, I dunno if I am going to want to work my upper body after practices, so I am thinking I will just do 2 days a week of upper body(Friday for depletion, and probably Wednesday) I am also going to go with the Isopure shake, should I take it before practice, or afterwards? I was told beforehand would be good for the BCAAs, but I thought it should have been afterwards, so now I'm confused...AGAIN.

    My last meal is at about 1 PM, and practice starts at 3 PM and goes to 5 PM.


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