CKD and cardio

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  1. You'll get alot of different answers on it. Personally I don't do the whey shakes anymore at all and I haven't seen any noticeable loss in gains or my ability to maintain. I would take it afterwards though and eat a regular meal before hand, or split it up half with a portion of a regular meal before hand and half of the protein after you workout.

    On a regular diet you would take a chunk of carbs post workout to stimulate insulin response, amino acid uptake as a result, etc.

  2. How do you guys find the effectiveness of the fat burners? I tend to hold more fat in my chest and stomach than any other body part, which I've always hated. I've considered a fat burner, but I haven't really looked into it.

  3. I'm liking LR for the energy and such, but I have only been using it for a couple days, so I can't really give a definite answer yet. I will update you in a week or so if you want to wait that long.

    I took a pic of myself a week and half ago, when I was starting to use the advice I was getting on here, and I took another pic just this Friday(Pics one week apart) and I am definately getting leaner. I think it is partially because I fixed what was screwed up, and the LR. But I have been taking low doses of LR, first full is on Sunday.
    I'm going to order my shake right now, and one other thing, I just dunno to do DCP, or a 5 lb of the shake <_< I am thinking I will grab some DCP. I'll take another pic this Friday and compare it to last weeks and see if there's as big of a change.

    Carb up ends in 35 mins, and I want some more jello, lol.

    EDIT: That's also where I hold my fat, mainly in my stomach. And that's the area that is getting hit, and I am seeing the most difference in, so I'm also glad about that. I plan on being where I want to be in a month or two, then clean bulking while still using CKD.

  4. Well, no DCP is in stock, so I don't know to wait for it or just grab something else :/

    Just bought some Poseidon with another 2 lbs of 100% Whey.

    I am really interested in how Poseidon will work, it has some great reviews.

  5. Hey this was my back workout on Saturday

    First time i've been to the gym in 2 weeks due to a really bad assignment timetable.

    Chins 4 x 3 (im using as many sets as needed for 12 reps. Right now its 4, but while I was doing it I felt like I couldve done 3. When I can do it all in one set im going to go weighted)

    DL 4 x 8 (First set was a warm up, then 3 sets of pretty moderate weight. DLs really work my lower back which is pretty weak, I get it from my dad. I also recently tore ligaments in my ankle and couldnt walk for 1.5 weeks. I'm thinking that some mdoerate deads will give it some flexibility.)

    BB Upright Row 3 x 8 (might take this out, not sure if it really does anything for the traps. I wouldve done shrugs but my grip was feeling pretty weak. Guess typing doesnt train your grip :P)

    Bent over DB Row 1 x 8 (Only did 8 for each arm, some guy was using the db i needed so i moved onto something else)

    Neutral grip lat pulldown 3 x 8 (Did some lat pulldowns but im going to a new gym these days and the neutral grip attachment was a bit narrow which was sortve annoying)

    Straightarm Cable Pulldown 3 x 8 (haha just realised im meant to arch my back doing these. Mustve been told the wrong thing when I first got told about them)

    I have a weak back today, and its sore if i try to push my shoulder blades together, flex it etc.

    Is this a good workout for CKD?

    My back is pretty weak so im just going to have a back day to itself.


  6. You might wanna wait for Thomas, but I think the workout looks good, just make sure you don't do it near your depletion if you are working your back so much that it is that sore.

    For your workouts that aren't depletion, I think it is supposed to be about 70%-80% of your max, and 8-9 reps, whereas the depletion is 12-15 reps, at I don't even know what percent of your max, lol.
    Sucks about your ankle Are you able to do cardio now? Or is it still screwy?

    Also, it's best to do your depletion workout on Friday night, and then take Sat off, or just do cardio, and then Sunday possible do another workout(Although most take off, or do cardio) Giving your body a break on Saturday gives your muscles a little bit more time to fill up with the carbs, and you don't burn off the carbs you would have been using on Monday.

    Dang I can't wait for the Poseidon to come in <_<

  7. The workout looks good. What are your warm up ranges?

  8. Well, the our first REAL practice was yesterday. Friday was a screw around/practice time(Mainly scrims)

    It was hilarious, I had more energy and endurance on the court than anyone else. Now I love this diet even more ^_^

    Poseidon will be in tonight or tomorrow, ugh, I hate waiting

    How is your CKD going walugi and Thomas?

    And again I'ma put a good word in for Leviathan Reloaded to you Thomas. I take it in the morning, and 2-3 mins later I'm awake and runnin around. Then when I take it around 2 or 3, it's the exact same effect, 2-3 mins later I'm in a better mood/or more energised and ready to run.(Not the jittery type where you HAVE to go do crap, but it will give you the feel of so much energy you want to run/workout)
    What supps are you two using?

  9. My CKD is going pretty good. I'm keeping a higher calorie intake than I used to and I'm seeing better results. I have a bad appetite to begin with, I can eat alot, but my appetite just isn't high. Only supplements im taking right now are fish cod oil pills, fiber pills every now and then, multivitamins and thats it.

  10. Alright, awesome

    I am thinking I need to up my intake a bit, since I started practice I don't have much of an appetite, and I keep forgetting to put the olive oil in my shake so I am like 20 or so fat low <_<

    Now I dunno what the crap to eat tonight, because I only have stuff high in protein and low-medium in fat :/

    Gonna go to walmart and see if I can find something.

    I got my Poseidon in today, took it with a shake about 40 mins ago, and no niacene flush I'm gonna take it again right before bed with very little water and see what happens

    Are you thinking on adding a stim fat burner still Thomas? Leviathan gives me a great mood and a bit of energy, with no jittery-ness or crash, just to add in another good word for it

    How's yours doing walugi?

  11. I'm going to take your word on Leviathan. I've been doing research into it and asking around alot, so when I do add a fat burner I'm going to be going with Levi.

  12. Sweet

    The niacin flushes are awesome, lol. The rash is annoying though, I get it on my face and neck/upper back O_o

    It doesn't itch like they said either, it is just like a sun burn, lol. So I'm going to have some with a little bit of a shake(for the taste) at lunch, and we shall see what the teachers say ^_^

    EDIT: Dang, I definately love the jitter part of it, but the rash/burn is annoying <_< It definately does everything it says it does, and I plan on keeping this as one of the things I order every month, cut or bulk. I don't like the taste at all though
    Also, question, anything I can have that will add fat to my shake, other than the olive oil? That stuff tastes like CRAP when I have Poseidon/ON Whey/the oil combined. It seems like the oil soaks in the poseidon which I hate the taste of, and it just tastes 100% bad <_< I am thinking I will just cut the oil out if there is no other fat source I could stick in it. I'll just eat some bacon or something


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