CKD and cardio

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  1. Are your almonds raw? Or already roasted?
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  2. Just straight up raw almonds. I don't remember seeing roasted, so I'll look for them next time I go to the store.

  3. You can roast almonds, 300 degrees for about 15-20 minutes in the oven. Or 350 for 8-10. Works either way I think.

  4. Alright, thanks.

    Does it matter if I eat peanuts or almonds? They both have I think 3-4 carbs(That aren't fiber) the only dif is that the peanuts are salted.
    When I was having peanuts before, I was having 2-4 servings because I would have 2 at school, then I would munch on them at home, and they are addicting. If I had them, it would be one serving and I wouldn't use them as munchies.

  5. They probably just have different fat and protein content, you can check up on the labels if they come with them and if they don't is a good place to check.

  6. Ya, I have both of them here, and they really aren't much different. I will prolly just do each one every other day now, a little variation goes a long way ^_^

    This is random, but you said my water intake would screw with the keto stix, but it doesn't mess with my actual keto right?

  7. No, not with your actual keto. It's good to stay hydrated through all stages of keto, especially carb loads.

    Actually might improve the effectiveness of keto.

    "RESULTS: Only 500 ml water increased energy expenditure by 24% over the course of 60 min after ingestion, whereas isoosmotic saline and 50 ml water had no effect."

    Thats about a seventh of a gallon of water.

  8. Dang, didn't know that O_o

    I need to use google more instead of asking so many ?s here :P

    You said you've been doing this for a year River? How the crap do you get through it for the Holidays? I think I am going to take Christmas day and Thanksgiving day as cheat days. I know if I get out of the groove of this, it will be just as hard to restart it as it was to start it. Should I skip one refeed before both of those holidays, just do be further into keto when I do have my massive cheat day?

  9. Well, the CKD i do is 5 days low carb, 2 days carb load.

    Italian family, so for thanksgiving, turkey, pasta, wine, the usual. Other side of the family, turkey, crabberry, you know the usual stuff, yams with marshmallows on top. Same deal for christmas.

    What do you mean by cheat day though?

    If you do your workouts through the week, do a good depletion workout, you can have a good 48 hour carb up and supercompensate glycogen levels. Usually glycogen levels don't go past a certain point, doing a depletion workout you prime your muscles for uptake of glycogen and can easilly get away with doing a 48 hour carb load.

  10. Cheat day as in not aiming for mainly carbs, or even good carbs, but just eating what tastes good, lol.

    Depletion workouts are longer right? 60 sec rest between sets, and then 90 between dif workouts(from curls to situps, or bench to lat pulls, etc...) right?
    I also heard that on keto you were supposed to do them short but hard :S

  11. Depletion workouts are longer, much more intense, can have from 12-15 reps every set, circuit training style. Like for legs I would move in this way.

    Hamstring curls, standing calf raises, leg extensions, standing hamstring curls, seated calf raises, leg press. Then something for upper body, then I would switch to circuits that involved full body stuff.

  12. Ah ok, do you do a normal workout after your carb up, or do a harder one because of the boost from being carbed up?

  13. Well, I periodize my workouts. I like to go for strength oriented workouts the first day after I finish my carb load. Then a size oriented workout later in the week.

  14. Alright, I'll prolly end up stealing that then ^_^ Thanks for all the info, I think I'm actually out of questions now :O

  15. ask him his star sign then :P

  16. Lol :P
    That stupid jello is just sitting there mocking me <_<

    You deciding on keto when you are able to or is it still a toss up?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ThomasRivera View Post

    Something like that. I keep the higher calorie days for heavier workout days and it seems to help my fat loss. What type of CKD program are you looking to do?
    You mean exercise plan?

    I was going to try and follow the one on the spreadsheet, but adding it my own exercises for forearms and back. Or i was just thinking about doing my usual workouts :\

    So depletion workouts are just more reps right?

    I really don't enjoy circuit work, I find that i can't lift as heavily and harder to focus. I generally stick with normal 3x8 or 5x5 routines for all my exercises.

    I split


    I'm thinking of splitting up legs and back though, I think it might be bad for me to do two large muscle groups in one day.

    So i'll probably start on


  18. I meant in terms of how long you would low carb for and what approach to carb loading you would take.

  19. Well, I'm obviously not great at everything yet, but I think you're right on the two large muscle groups in one day. I did that for a lil while and I felt sick, dunno if it was from that, but ya ^_^

    My workouts are usually just:
    Then I do HIIT on the days inbetween, I also do cardio after my workout, which you may want to add in 30-45 mins if you're going to be cutting first.

    Thurs:HIIT(So the other groups can rest before Fridays workout)
    Fri: Everything
    Sat: Rest or HIIT
    Sun:Rest or HIIT or cardio

  20. Quote Originally Posted by ThomasRivera View Post
    I meant in terms of how long you would low carb for and what approach to carb loading you would take.
    Haven't figured this out yet. From what i've read it seems like its different for everyone?

    I'm probably around 15-20% bf now so i don't think my body will be that starved

    Maybe just 24hours recarb will be enough

  21. I think if you are above 15% then some people refeed every two weeks, for 2 days I believe, but you still need to make sure you eat the same amount of carbs that you would if you only took 1 day. Someone correct me if I'm wrong or somethin please
    Also, some people, when they first start the CKD, they will wait 2 weeks for their first refeed, instead of just doing 1 week. It helps you get into keto faster, and your body adapts faster.

  22. It depends. The Ketogenic Diet book by Lyle McDonald suggest a macro breakdown for fat, protein and carb intake. The first 24 hours are 4.5 grams of carbs per a pound of lean body mass, and the second day is half that amount.

    The anabolic diet suggests more of a judgment based on how you look, which is easier to do when you have lower body fat.


    Some people find it harder to stay out of ketosis for almost two weeks at a time. The carb load does have some beneficial aspects to it, raises in test, gh and insulin simultaneously. But its good to spend more time in ketosis and just incorporate a mid week carb spike, or increased carbs after working out (taking a page out of the TKD style) to combat fatigue.

  23. Arg, now I'm running out of my shake, lol.

    Any suggestions on what I should grab? I like this 100% Pure Whey and protein, but is there anything better I should try? It also needs to have low-no sugar obviously from the CKD.

  24. There's ON 100 percent gold standard protein, Isopure protein which has no carbs or just one carb.

  25. I def have to check this ckd stuff out, and see if HIIT would be for me, research research!!!


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