CKD and cardio

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  1. I'm going to take your word on Leviathan. I've been doing research into it and asking around alot, so when I do add a fat burner I'm going to be going with Levi.

  2. Sweet

    The niacin flushes are awesome, lol. The rash is annoying though, I get it on my face and neck/upper back O_o

    It doesn't itch like they said either, it is just like a sun burn, lol. So I'm going to have some with a little bit of a shake(for the taste) at lunch, and we shall see what the teachers say ^_^

    EDIT: Dang, I definately love the jitter part of it, but the rash/burn is annoying <_< It definately does everything it says it does, and I plan on keeping this as one of the things I order every month, cut or bulk. I don't like the taste at all though
    Also, question, anything I can have that will add fat to my shake, other than the olive oil? That stuff tastes like CRAP when I have Poseidon/ON Whey/the oil combined. It seems like the oil soaks in the poseidon which I hate the taste of, and it just tastes 100% bad <_< I am thinking I will just cut the oil out if there is no other fat source I could stick in it. I'll just eat some bacon or something


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