CKD and cardio

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  1. I've never had an issue with Splenda, but everybody reacts differently. There are some people that will come out of Keto after drinking a diet Coke! That has to suck.

    I eat almonds and peanut butter while low-carbin', you just have to keep the serving size down. Also, the peanut butter I eat has less carbs than most (and more protein) - Naturally More - What Peanut Butter Should Be (you can find it at Wal-Mart).

    Lastly, these will help you stay low carb AND get a ton of fiber in -

  2. That's the peanut butter I was getting, but got too frikkin addicted, lol. Thanks for the unsweetened jell-o idea too, just grabbed a lot of that, I love jell-0

    Also for the tortillas, didn't even think to look for anything that is remotely related to bread, lol.

  3. Remember that those tortillias still have 5g net carb, so don't go overboard. 1 a day, tops. The extra fiber is great though. And they actually taste pretty damn good.

    Low carb tort + ground chuck + cheese = yummy.

  4. Ya, I'm thinking I'll have one every 2 or 3 days or so, and then never have the PB on the same day.

    Also doing the shake + oil, and it tastes interesting, lol.
    I'm going to have some Splenda today or tomorrow to see how it affects me, I pray to God it doesn't kick me out <_< I have only been drinking water, and I want some frikkin coffee or tea

  5. Sorry for the double post, but I figured I'd update you guys on how it is going since I started this topic. I was at about 150-151 and with about 16% BF. Now I'm about 154 and it says 15% BF.

  6. Holy crap, I didn't realize you were so small. Why the hell are you doing low-carb?

    Also, coffee and tea taste fine without Splenda. Hell, at least its something different.

  7. Lol, ya, I just want to cut fat mainly around my stomach, some on my chest, and then just build LBM. I figured this would be the best way to do it after I read up on it. I was doing a normal diet with, I think it was 40/40/20. I remember that's what it was, just don't remember the order, lol. I only did it for 3 weeks or so, and it was going well, but then I switched to this.

    Am I still fine being my size and doing CKD + Levi? Or should I up my protein/fat to build more LBM while on it?

  8. I generally think that Keto is good at any body weight. But depending on build, when someone says 150 5'7, I don't think as flabby.

    one of my favorite deserts while on Keto

  9. what is that thomas?

  10. It's "ice cream". Whipped cream until fairly stiff, then strawberry-banana sugar free jello and strawberry protein shake is mixed in, formed in plastic wrap and let to harden in the freezer.

    I've been toying around with the idea of buying an ice cream maker after I get a new job to try to make some high fat, low carb ice cream.

  11. Nice man, you always seem to have some good food up your sleeve

  12. Thanks. I like cooking. I'm not the best at it, most of my foods include a big list of peppers. But I just watch the food network alot, look for foods that I can substitute out sugar from. Usually comes in decent.

  13. Dang, that looks soooo good, lol. I haven't even thought about sugar free stuff, so I have had nothing but my meats and junk since I started <_< I'll be searching up and down for stuff now, and that looks like an awesome dessert

  14. It is pretty good. I've been looking for bitter chocolate to coat it with. Im assuming it should be lower carb than semi-bitter. But its definitely good as is.

  15. Some chocolate would be awesome

    And the jell-0 isn't affecting me for keto, I'm still in it and going deeper in it, so that's a plus, time to load up on jello now

    I fell asleep early, and woke up too frikkin early, so now I'm making 30 sausage patties, 8 salmon burgers, and bacon for the next who knows how many days <_<

  16. guy what do you do about calcium, because milk has quite a few carbs

    also, lol at ice cream. I looked at it for a while and ended up thinking it was some strange exotic meat, or some strangely made chicken breast :P

  17. check out this book we can 'preview'****...esult#PPA42,M1

    It's pretty sweet

  18. I drink some whole milk everyday, I also get a multivitamin in. You can also count the calcium content in vegetables, and better yet CHEESE.

  19. Yup, cheese has 40% per serving of what I use O_o

    Just got my LR, and got 3 samples of Basic Cuts, so I gotta do research on when to use that now too <_<

    I love Nutra, samples and I didn't even ask

    EDIT: OK, looked up Basic Cuts, and it looks like a little less-potent version of LR, should I use them together? Or just use all my LR then use them while I'm waiting for my next bottle to come in? If it works I'll be getting a second one, or AP, seeing as I've also heard good stuff about that.

  20. Milk isn't advisable during low-carb days with CKD. WAY too much sugar (lactose).
    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasRivera View Post
    I drink some whole milk everyday

  21. Shadow - No need in stacking basic cuts on top of LR. LR does the job well by itself. If you're looking to stack something on top of it, look for a non-stimulant like DCP, CLA, Sesamin, etc...

  22. Alright, thanks...again ^_^

  23. Quote Originally Posted by tribaltek View Post
    Milk isn't advisable during low-carb days with CKD. WAY too much sugar (lactose).
    Yeah, I know the sugar amount in it. 12 a cup, I function well off of around 30-40 carbs a day. Even with the milk and various trace carbs from other things I stay in keto through the day.

  24. Dang, you lucky bum, lol. The jello actually kicked me out of keto, it just took a little while <_< So there goes my jello, lol. I wasn't far in though, so that might have been it. I'm prolly not going to do my refeed this week just because last night or so I noticed it kicked me out, and I won't be back in till prolly tomorrow <_< Maybe I'll just kick my refeed to Saturday all day. Have any of you found the best refeed length? I have heard the Friday after workout to Sat midnight, and then one from Fri after workout till Fri midnight, and then the obvious one from Fri night to Sun midnight.

  25. Sorry about that. JEllo has never done that to me. Some people determine their refeed length by how they look, they stop by the time where they start to look bloated. Which is probably easier at lower body fat percentages. I go for a 48 hour carb load.

  26. I thought the refeed length was just one meal?

    Also, you guys make keto sound like a hole. How can you tell if you've gone further into keto? I thought you were either in or out

  27. It's fine, I am going to re-try the jello when I am deeper in, if I'm between 80 and 160 I'll prolly try again.

    Thanks for the refeed info, I wasn't sure how to gauge what to do, no one ever said that in any topics or write-ups <_<

    EDIT: wal, the keto stix have different keto counts, 80-160 is what I shoot for, because that means you are deeper(Than say, 20) and you're body is more efficient at burning the fat for energy. Atleast that's what I THINK ^_^

    The refeed is just an amount of carbs, from what I have read, your body stores the carbs into your muscles so you can refill what you have been using for your workouts for the week. I also read that it doesn't matter if you have all the carbs in one meal, or if you have them in 12, your body stores the carbs no matter what. Eating 560 or so carbs in one meal just seems to hard for me <_<

    Also, in the keto thread here, there is an excel sheet someone made that makes it insanely easy to find all your carbs/fats/proteins you will need. Just put in your BF % and weight.

    EDIT...again: It won't let me attach the .doc, so I'll link you if you need it.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by walugi View Post
    I thought the refeed length was just one meal?

    Also, you guys make keto sound like a hole. How can you tell if you've gone further into keto? I thought you were either in or out
    It really depends on the type of diet you go on. There are alot of variations on it. Some people eat carbs once every 18 meals. Some eat one carb meal a week. Some variations like the one I do its 24-48 hours.

    AS for how deep your in, the keto sticks can lie, if you have drank too much water it can dilute the concentration of ketones in your urine and give a lower number or a false negative. However, generally at around 3 days you should be in ketosis on low carbs, and at three weeks your brain should require the lowest amount of glucose that it will need to run properly.

  29. I tried to put it into a google doc, it doesnt let you upload .xls

    Google Docs - ckd info

    edit: YOu can click edit on the bottom right or just go to this link instead:

  30. Nice, that's the sheet

    DANGIT, now I know why the stix say I'm not in keto then. I have been drinking so much frikkin water, it's scary, lol.

    Maybe jello is not doing it
    It is definately sweet when your brain and body get used to no-low carbs, I have energy all the time now. It's weird, I rarely get those moments where I feel like doing nothing now. Now that I'm adding LR, life will be grand


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