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  1. Leg day…yeah buddy!

    I wanted to switch things up a little and squat in the smith machine today. Even though with legs for some reason I could do the same exercises, over and over and they’ll continue to grow <shrugs> The exercises are just so darn taxing I guess the body never really adjusts (for me at least).

    Smith Squats
    • 45plate each side - 15reps 70lbs each side - 15reps 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 3plates each side - 15reps, then took a nice 3-5minute break to catch my breath and be able to give my next set all that I have. It’s been a long time since I got under more than 3plates so, what better day then today to start right?
    • 3plates and a quarter each side - 10reps, spot on me but didn’t help at all on any reps. I was a bit surprised that I was still able to steam through this kind of weight without touching it for a long time. Oh yeah and were talking parallel or just below, non-stop movement rep to rep. None of that catching your breath stuff between reps. It’s all about that tut!!!
    • 4plates each side - 8reps, really digging deep for each rep as I was pretty damn tired at this point. Spot on me without doing to much on any rep except maybe the last few! I figured if I tagged the previous set for what I did, maybe it’s time to start getting at those 4plates again! Just sucks that I’m not able to go this heavy safely in the squat rack we have. 1perc to high, 1perch to low…I’ll pass risking injury!

    1leg lunges on a HS machine we have
    • 3sets working my way down the rack to 210lbs for 13reps. Started at 20reps and kept moving the pin and getting less reps each set. Nothing to failure here…

    1leg extensions
    • Same deal here as on the previous exercise. 3sets working my way down the rack to a lesser finishing weight though. Couldn’t handle as much with 1leg at this point, especially on extensions! 15, 12, 8reps

    Seated Ham Curls
    • Ran through the rack doing about 5sets working all the way down from 20reps a set to about 12reps with a little spot at the bottom of the movement.

    SLDL - been doing these lately on the smith machine because I kind of like the tension it keeps on the muscle
    • 2plates each side for 2sets - 15reps and 12reps
    • 1plate each side, taking each rep nice and slow for 12reps

    Didn’t do any cardio afterwards and I’m taking the day off from the gym tomorrow
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  2. So yesterday I went ahead and did 4yok3d about 1.5hours before my wo with my pre-wo meal. I usually eat about an hour beforehand and yok3d wants roughly 2hours dosing with meal before a workout, so I tried meeting it in the middle. I trained chest with a blood volume high rep approach as I haven’t did this type of workout in some time. I think it was exactly what I needed to mix it up from my other chest workouts as my chest is still ridiculously pumped. Yes…the next day it still is! I feel yok3d played a big role in this because throughout my workout I was “extremely” pumped (way more than normal) and you could even see the surface of my skin in my arms, shoulders and chest were a bit red. Ridiculous stuff and the NO market is in for a real threat!

    Flat DB Fly - went kind of heavy here since it was my first exercise. I wanted to change it up from the typical press first I always do, so I figured I’d reap the benefits and go a bit heavier than planned for the “high rep day”.
    • 25lbs - 10reps 45lbs - 12reps
    • 60lbs - 12reps 70lbs - 10reps
    • 80lbs - 6reps

    Flat BB Press
    • 225lbs - 14reps
    • 205lbs - 15reps
    • 185lbs - 17reps

    Flat Fixed HS Press
    • 160lbs - 18reps
    • 190lbs - 15reps
    • 205lbs - 13reps

    • 145lbs - 15reps
    • 130lbs - 16reps
    • 160lbs - 14reps

    • 30reps, 30reps, 31reps

    I then hopped on the tread for 15min of liss afterwards while I reaped the benefits of an extremely pumped chest. I just couldn’t get over how swollen my chest was…I couldn’t stop feeling it lol Yok3d is the real deal, there’s no doubt about that! Can’t wait to see this hit the shelves and destroy the competition.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  3. I want to try yok3d sooo bad! You got some heavy lifts bud. You taking pm and prime right now too?

  4. Yeah yok3d is definitely by far the best NO product I've tried. Hands down!

    Did you sign up to the inner circle?

    No prime or pm at the moment...just about everthing else from USP though. Going to wait till I feel things balance out a bit then bring in the big guns!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  5. Well yesterday I hit back and have progressing nicely from workout to workout. For the longest time I’ve haven’t kept pullups in my routine and wanted to now keep them as a staple in my routine. They are an excellent exercise for back width in which is something I’m looking to add a bit more of. More back width gives a little more room for back thickness It’s been time to bring everything up and I’ve been doing what I got to do to get the job done!

    • Body weight - 18reps, 13reps, 13reps - no additional weight attached, just really trying to focus on working the muscle hard

    BB Row - took an under grip this workout and pulled a bit lower than normal
    • 225lbs - 12reps
    • 265lbs - 12reps
    • 285lbs - 10reps
    • 315lbs - 6solid reps and stopped there because I didn’t want to sacrifice the connection

    Seated HS Row
    • 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 135lbs each side - 10reps
    • 160lbs each side - 10reps
    • 180lbs each side - 8reps

    DB Pullover
    • 85lbs - 9reps
    • 95lbs - 8reps
    • Rope Straight Arm Pulldown - 2sets - 50lbs - 15reps 65lbs - 12reps

    Low Pulley Row
    • 30lbs - 10reps
    • 42lbs - 10reps
    • 57lbs - 12reps

    Finished the workout off with 15min of liss on the tread and it was a wrap!
    I’ve recently readjusted my daily meal plan down to 6meals from 7 due to time restrictions. Meals are a bit more filling now as I’m able to spread those cals throughout each meal. It seems to be a nice change for my body as I’ve taken on a bit fuller of a look since then. I will ride this out for a bit and continue to take things as they go and adjust as needed. Next up will most likely be an addition of say 100-200cals from fat or half pro from whey and half fat.

    Tomorrow I’ll be hitting legs and look forward to getting the wheels rolling!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JRob23 View Post
    Yeah yok3d is definitely by far the best NO product I've tried. Hands down!

    Did you sign up to the inner circle?

    No prime or pm at the moment...just about everthing else from USP though. Going to wait till I feel things balance out a bit then bring in the big guns!
    Yeah I am a part of inner circle but I had purchased couple of supplements, lost my check, and valentine's day is coming up I really wanted to try it but seems like I just ran into a lot of bad lucks

  7. Damn man, sorry to hear that. Yok3d I'm sure is here to stay, so once it hits the shelves you'll have your shot at it
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  8. My leg workout yesterday went over pretty good. I was able to get in the gym pretty early, so I was able to get in a solid session. Legs are crazy sore today and I’ll be blasting the delts right after work tomorrow!

    Smith Squats - placed my feet a little forward and took each rep down as deep as I could - paused at the bottom for about 2 or 3 seconds and then drove hard through each rep - talk about exhausting
    • 45lbs each side - 15reps
    • 70lbs each side - 12reps
    • 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 135lbs each side - 12reps, this set was painful to say the least
    • 90lbs each side - 12reps

    Lunge Machine
    4sets - 15reps each set, progressing in weight, digging deep on each rep with no pausing on any rep

    Quad Extension
    • 3set - 20reps each set, only jumped 1stack in weight and was just going for burning the muscle out

    Seated Ham Curls
    • 4sets - 20,15,12,10reps - working my way down the stack each set

    Standing Ham Curl - unfortunately have to do this with a pulley at the bottom of a cable station
    • 4sets, 20 to 15reps each set, working from 20-30lbs on the stack

    • 65lbs - 12reps
    • 75lbs - 12reps
    • 85lbs - 10reps
    • 95lbs - 9reps

    Finished the workout off there and didn’t do any cardio afterwards. Not going in to the gym today and can’t wait to just relax after work!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  9. My shoulder workout yesterday went through pretty quick which I was happy about.

    DB Military
    • 40lbs - 20reps 55lbs - 10reps 70lbs - 10reps
    • 100lbs - 9reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps w/ a little spot up and then on the last few reps

    Rear DB Lateral
    • 25lbs - 15reps
    • 35lbs - 13reps
    • 20lbs - 20reps

    Side Lateral Machine
    • 90lbs - 17reps
    • 130lbs - 13reps
    • 170lbs - 12reps

    DB Side lateral
    • 30lbs - 12reps
    • 25lbs - 15reps
    • 20lbs - 15reps

    I didn’t do any cardio after this workout which isn’t that big of a deal. I was a bit short on time as I got out of work a little later than expected.

    I took a quick look at things and I’m most likely going to take off from the gym today and get a Chest session in on Sunday. I normally don’t tag shoulders and chest this close together but, things just fell where they did this week. I also attached a photo of my front relaxed I took real quick to show where I am at this point. The quality would be much better if I used my digital but, it’s just so much easier and quicker to snap a quick pic from my phone
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  10. I decided to do a 5x5 (custom) style Chest workout on Saturday and may continue with this style for a another week or 2.

    BB Decline
    • 135lbs - 18reps 155lbs - 15reps 180lbs - 10reps
    • 275lbs - 5,5,5,5,8 - when I get into the heavier weight for my first set or 2, it feel like it’s the perfect weight and going to work as planned. Instead of the last set or 2 getting harder and working for that last rep or 2, I’m able to push out several more lol, weird stuff

    Low Incline DB Press - no spot on any of these sets, I felt really strong here even from not doing these for some time
    • 75lbs - 10reps
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps
    • 110lbs - 8reps

    Top Cables
    • 32lbs - 15reps
    • 37lbs - 13reps
    • 42lbs - 9reps
    • 32lbs - 15reps

    Flat Fixed Press
    • 205lbs - 12erps
    • 250lbs - 9reps
    • 265lbs - 9reps

    DB Pullover - just as a finisher to help stretch things out a bit
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps

    I finished the workout off with 15min of liss cardio on the tread. Man I am loving Yok3d…more than anything how ridiculously pumped you get. I don’t love it just because of sick pumps but…flushing the muscle with so much blood is ultimately going to help stretch the fascia and allow more room for more growth to occur.

    Such a great product and as always am so pleased with yet another (imo) breakthrough supplement of the year!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  11. I hit back yesterday and I feel I went just a bit to far and could of gone without one of these exercises. Although I got a ridiculous workout in, I just felt like I was there for a bit too long. My lower back and erectors are so sore today because I threw rack deads in this workout and didn’t do them for a week or 2. I also switched out pullups for some heavier pulldowns. I’ve found over the years that I was wasting a lot of time racking the stack and heave hoeing the weight to complete reps. I now slow everything down and really like to feel the muscle working without compromising form for weight.

    • 100lbs - 15reps 120lbs - 10reps
    • 180lbs - 10reps
    • 200lbs - 10reps
    • 160lbs - 11reps

    BB Row
    • 275lbs - 8reps
    • 295lbs - 9reps
    • 315lbs - 6reps drop set 225lbs - 6reps

    Rack Deads
    • 315lbs - 12reps
    • 405lbs - 9reps
    • 455lbs - 6reps - failed attempt here (if to call it that) because I had plenty of gas left in the tank but something screwed up with my wrap (been using wraps for heavier lifts now opposed to over under grip) and the bar started to slip. I reset…caught my breathe after some time and banged out 455 for 8solid reps on my second go. So those back to back heavy sets took a huge tole on me and I didn’t really account for that towards the end of my workout when I should of called it quits.

    TBar Row - haven’t done these in a while and could of chose a better day lol my lower back was tingling after hitting those deads. Either way, rested as needed and carried on pausing for about 2secs at the top of each rep. Slow controlled movements squeezing hard at the top!
    • 3plates - 10reps
    • 4plates - 10reps
    • 4plates and a quarter - 8reps
    • 4plates - 9reps

    High HS Row - man I haven’t done this in a really long time so I decided to throw it in since I was looking for some change. It really showed in my weight haha
    • 70lbs - 8reps
    • 80lbs - 8reps
    • 60lbs - 8reps

    • Body weight - 20reps
    • 25lbs - 13reps
    • 35lbs - 10reps

    Filled up on some water then hopped on the tread for 15min of liss. Spent a little more time then I would have liked there but, nothing I can do about it now.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  12. I hit shoulders yesterday by themselves and switched it back up to BB military for this particular workout. I was starting to get into a nice groove and progression with DB’s but, just felt the need to switch it up. Always feels a bit awkward and am a bit weak when I get back to BB military after some time away from it, so I eased back in. Still got 2plates for some reps though so, wasn’t that far off.

    BB Military
    • 135lbs - 12reps
    • 145lbs - 10reps
    • 185lbs - 10reps
    • 195lbs - 9reps
    • 225lbs - 7reps

    Upright Row - cable
    • 80lbs - 14reps
    • 95lbs - 11reps
    • 105lbs - 9reps dropset 65lbs - 5reps

    Reverse PecDec - 2sets here for rear delts and with DB’s
    • 130lbs - 15reps
    • 160lbs - 12reps

    Rear DB
    • 30lbs - 15reps
    • 35lbs - 12reps

    Lateral Raise - cables
    • 15lbs - 15reps
    • 20lbs - 12reps
    • 15lbs x 2 - 15reps

    Didn’t do any cardio after this workout and took off from the gym today. I’m kind of taking it as it goes as far as the gym for tomorrow because I may go snowboarding. So we’ll see what happens…
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  13. 2/20 Sunday
    15min morning liss and I love taking oep beforehand. I heat up so nicely and start sweating only about 6min into the session. That extra energy needed in the morning when I’m tired is always a great jumpstart to my day as well!

    I pulled off another 5x5 style chest workout yesterday. I’m progressing nicely on strength in my chest workouts which is exactly what I’m after. Each workout I’m progressing either in weight or starting the next exercise at a heavier mark than the previous week and matching reps give or take.

    Decline BB - 5x5style
    • 135lbs - 15reps 155lbs - 14reps 185lbs - 12reps
    • 275lbs - 5,5,5,5,6reps

    Flat DB Press
    • 90lbs - 9reps
    • 110lbs - 8reps
    • 115lbs - 8reps, small spot on the last 2 or so

    Flat Fixed Press
    • 235lbs - 10reps
    • 250lbs - 8reps
    • 265lbs - 5reps drop 205lbs - 5reps drop 145lbs - 6reps

    • 175lbs - 10reps
    • 190lbs - 8reps
    • 205lbs - 7reps

    Top Cables
    • 27lbs - 16reps
    • 32lbs - 14reps

    Would like to give a special thanks to Yok3d for keeping my chest stuffed for several hours after my workout

    I didn’t do any cardio afterwards and went about enjoying the rest of my day off! Had a great leg sesh today and man am I beat! Have a nice day off from the gym lined up for tomorrow and that’s about all that’s going on here.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  14. 15min of liss yesterday morning before my leg workout! I love how morning cardio in the off-season kind of sets the pace for the rest of the day! During prep, morning cardio is kind of frowned upon but, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Smith Front Squats - swapped these in for regular back squats this week
    • 45lbs each side - 15reps
    • 55lbs - 15reps
    • 70lbs - 15reps
    • 80lbs - 12reps
    • 90lbs - 15reps

    Machine Lunge
    • 190lbs - 15reps
    • 210lbs - 15reps
    • 230lbs - 15reps
    • 245lbs - 12reps

    Quad Extension
    • 4sets moving down the rack - each set was 20reps, except the last which was a drop set until I got to 20

    Seated Ham Curl
    • Same fashion as the quad curls - 4sets moving down the rack - each set was 20reps, except the last which was a drop set until I got to 20

    Standing Ham Curl
    • Same scenario here as above - just stayed within 15 and 20lbs working all different kind of angles

    • 135lbs - 12reps
    • 170lbs - 12reps
    • 225lbs - 12reps

    I didn’t do any cardio after this workout. No gym time for me today, but will be in there tomorrow pounding away at my back! Chest is nice and sore...growing slowly but surely.

    Steady clipping away one day at a time as this journey continues…
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  15. 20min of morning liss to start the day off yesterday! Feel great from that jump start OEP gives me 

    Right when I got off the tread, I popped 2 Anabolic Pump and roughly 20mins later ate breakfast.

    Later on in the day yesterday I hit back and man am I feeling it today. I realized I haven’t done actual “bent” over rows in so long. I’m talking practically parallel and thought what better of a time to start. I also cut my workout volume back by an exercise or 2 from my last workout. If you read you would know I felt way overtrained and chalked it up to simply hitting way to many sets.

    • Body weight - 19reps, 14reps, 10reps - very strict reps and slow controlled negs with a 1second pause at full stretched position - very tough stuff for me

    BB Row - parallel -overhand grip
    • 135lbs - 12reps
    • 185lbs - 10reps
    • 205lbs - 9reps

    Rack Deads - slowly adding weight each workout to this - might stop there or a couple pounds heavier and stay at that weight till I can own it
    • 315lbs - 10reps
    • 415lbs - 9reps
    • 465lbs - 6reps

    DB Row
    • 100lbs - 11reps
    • 110lbs - 10reps
    • 120lbs - 9reps

    Low Pulley Row - a movement I like to keep light and really squeeze out, but I think it’s time to start moving the weights up here
    • 57lbs - 11reps
    • 65lbs - 10reps
    • 72lbs - 9reps

    I didn’t do any cardio after this workout. I threw back my serving of whey which I’ve now incorporated into my daily cals, half way on the way home popped 1 p-slin and by the time I was done preparing and cooking, 15-20min later I was eating!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  16. Yesterday was a shoulder workout and no morning cardio. Woke up and took my 2 ap before breakfast as usual, then went to work. Shot to the gym right after and started sculpting

    DB Military - I've just been killing it on these DB presses lately
    • 45lbs - 14reps 55lbs - 11reps 70lbs - 9reps
    • Bumped up 5lbs for my first heavy set to 105lbs and got that for 9reps
    • Went for the 110’s since I’m going to keep pushing while I can and hit those for 6reps w/ a little spot

    Cable Side Lateral
    • 15lbs - 17reps
    • 15lbs - 14reps
    • 20lbs - 10reps
    • 10lbs - 25reps

    Reverse Cables
    • 12lbs - 25reps
    • 22lbs - 16reps
    • 27lbs - 12reps
    • 32lbs - 12reps

    Shoulder Fly
    • 25lbs - 12reps
    • 30lbs - 10reps

    At this point I was feeling if I should move on to another exercise, so I give myself a 2min break and evaluate. Decided to cut it at that point and got on the tread for 15min of liss. Taking today off from the gym today and I’ll be in there tomorrow most likely for a Chest workout!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  17. Yesterday was a chest workout and I didn’t do any morning cardio today. I’ll save that for tomorrow and the following morning. Woke up and took my 2 ap before breakfast as usual, then about a half hour later popped 4 yok3d and got to the gym about an hour later. I took 2 powerfull and 1 recreate pretty much when I was pulling up to the gym. My dose timing may seem off to some, but by the time I change, get to the gym, get my locker set, warmup and finally get ready to dig into my first set, all of my supps fall into the required dosing timelines.

    Went with a hypertrophy style, press/stretch workout and a bit more volume

    Flat BB - went with a more narrow grip than usual to change it up a bit - definitely made it a bit harder to press heavier weight
    • 135lbs - 12reps 155lbs - 12reps 185lbs - 9reps
    • 265lbs - 10reps
    • 245lbs - 10reps
    • 255lbs - 8reps
    • 285lbs - 6reps w/light spot on last 2

    • 190lbs - 11reps
    • 220lbs - 8reps
    • 235lbs - 7reps dropset 190lbs - 3reps

    Low Incline DB
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 100lbs - 8reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps

    Mid Cables
    • 22lbs - 15reps
    • 32lbs - 12reps
    • 37lbs - 12reps

    Flat Fixed Press
    • 250lbs - 8reps
    • 205lbs - 10reps

    I didn’t do any cardio after this workout and took the day off today to recoop. Will be in the gym tomorrow smashing the legs and will go from there!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  18. I woke up and did 15min of morning liss before my leg session later on in the day. My workout days fell a little on top of each other and I was forced to hit 2 big body parts back to back. I normally like to split demanding workouts by a day or 2 at least but, to keep everything in line…it won’t work out that way this week.

    Smith Front Squats
    • 45lbs each side - 15reps
    • 55lbs - 12reps
    • 70lbs - 12reps
    • 90lbs - 12reps
    • 105lbs - 10reps

    Incline Leg Press
    • 7 45lb plates - 15reps
    • 9 45lbs plates - 15reps
    • 11 45lbs plates - 11reps

    Quad Extension
    • 5sets starting at about 20reps and working down to 12reps minimum - moving the stack each set and as things got heavier, took a little longer break between sets to be able to perform for allotted reps on the next set

    • 75lbs - 12reps
    • 85lbs - 12reps
    • 95lbs - 10reps

    Laying Leg Curl
    • 3sets working down to 10reps on my last set and moving the stack 2clips at a time

    I didn’t do any cardio afterwards and am going to look to sneak some more ham work in on another workout. Will be hitting back tomorrow and man is my body going to need a break! I’m going to also hit the tread again tomorrow morning for 15min liss…
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  19. I did 20min of liss this morning (3/2 Wed) to help the legs recover a bit etc…

    So a little change of pace was in order for my back workout yesterday. I didn’t want to get into any heavy pulling because my legs are pretty darn sore from the day before. Just thinking on the fly and trying to not overwork anything. Threw a new exercise in there as well that I’ve shyed away from forever since it would always pull me forward (which it oddly didn’t at all this time, so you may see more if those move going down), lowered the volume again and kept the pace of the workout moving a lot faster (opposed to having to take longer breaks in between those heavy ass sets on rack deads).

    Pulldown - took an under grip just about shoulder width - no heave hoeing except on last two reps of my heaviest set - always keep my pulldowns under total control with a full rom touching the bar to my chest and squeezing for a second
    • 100lbs - 12reps 120lbs - 9reps
    • 160lbs - 10reps
    • 200lbs - 8reps
    • 180lbs - 10reps

    Bent BB Row - completely parallel again
    • 185lbs - 10reps
    • 205lbs - 10reps
    • 225lbs - 8reps

    TBar Row Machine - this was something that I haven’t done forever and think I”ll be doing more of it. It usually pulls me forward since the weight (plate loaded) is kind of far out forward, so you have to really brace yourself and get situated perfectly on the platform so it doesn’t pull you off. It has 3different grips from a neutral, medium overhand and a wider slightly angled grip. I took the last grip choice this workout!
    • 2 45lb plates - 12reps
    • 135lbs - 11reps
    • 180lbs - 10reps
    • 205lbs - 8reps

    Cable Pullover/Pushdown superset with Pulldowns to the front
    • 50lbs 15reps ss 100lbs -12reps
    • 65lbs - 12reps ss 120lbs - 10reps
    • 67lbs - 12reps ss 100lbs - 15reps

    • 25lb plates held - 18reps
    • 35lb plate held - 12reps
    • 45lb plate held - 9reps

    I finished the workout off with 15min of liss for a nice double session for the day. I didn’t go to the gym today and will be in there tomorrow after work!

    Yeah buddy!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  20. My chest is nice and sore from Sunday’s workout and still feeling pretty full! I feel like I’m making some nice improvements and each week I’m getting a step closer. I’ve recently been tapering my cals down to tighten up some post competition fat gain. Maybe bring myself down to around high 190’s and then start reintroducing cals. My back workout yesterday looked like this:

    Pulldowns - to the front with a medium width overhand grip
    • 100lbs - 10reps 120lbs - 10reps
    • 160lbs - 11reps
    • 200lbs - 10reps
    • 160lbs - 14reps

    Tbar Row Machine - underhand medium width grip
    • 135lbs - 12reps
    • 180lbs - 12reps
    • 225lbs - 6reps dropset 135lbs - 10reps

    Seated Cable Row - overhand wide grip
    • 120lbs - 12reps
    • 160lbs - 12reps
    • 200lbs - 10reps

    DB Pullover
    • 80lbs - 10reps
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 100lbs - 9reps

    • 25lbs - 20reps
    • 45lbs - 13reps

    15min of post wo liss performed and I took off from the gym today. Maybe it’s the Prime kicking in early but, I’m definitely feeling fuller than normal. Alongside yok3d and all of these dropsets…I guess it’s to be expected!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23


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