Team USPlabs Jimmy Robinson - Groundbreaking Off-season Log!

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  1. 15min of liss this morning followed by a shoulder workout later on

    Was going to bring my camera in today to record some lifts, but I didn’t think I was going to pull off anything worthwhile.

    Last week I was going to start off with DB military presses, but I wanted to record a lift for a member on another board, so I went ahead and started off with BB presses again. I still wanted to get at those DB presses, so I threw them in as my last exercise. If you read a few posts back, you’ll see I went up to 100’s and failed on the first attempt to kick them up and was stuck in a 3/4curl fighting them up lol This burnt me out and on my second attempt (I got them up now that I remembered how tough it was to kick those heavy suckers up) only allowed me to get 5reps (which still wasn’t bad at all in my eyes due to it being my last exercise).

    So with shoulders on tap for today, I was hungry to get at those DB presses first thing and see where I’m at!

    DB Military Press - 3warmup sets and 3work sets
    • 35lbs - 12reps 45lbs - 15reps 65lbs - 12reps
    • 90lbs - 12reps
    • 100lbs - 9reps, after getting set and ready to kick these up…giving myself enough time to get my head straight, they flew up no problem and pressed them out for 9reps on my own. This lit a fire and had me hungry for more. Now I wanted to see if I could take it up a notch.
    • 105lbs - 7reps, knew this was obviously going to be that much heavier, especially after owning that previous set. So I took my time to recover and pull it together for this set. Picking them up from the rack and knowing I have to kick them up 90degrees kind of set the tone. I got my mind right and blasted them up to shoulder level. I got so psyched to kick them up that when they got there, I literally blanked for a split second and had to regroup. It was almost like, damn I got those up? Now it’s time to get this!!! Crushed out 5reps on my own and 2 more with a light spot, no struggle! HUGE step forward and a real benchmark in my progress! Chest pressing heavy DB’s etc is easy since you can just lay back with the DB’s or only have to kick them a quarter of the way back (if doing incline). Anyone that does DB military presses knows how tough it is to kick heavy DB’s up to shoulder level! It sucks because I can press weight no problem, but just getting those DB’s up has always limited my progress. I’ve had them placed in my hands at shoulder level at the same time and that was tough too. Going from nothing…just sitting there, to having 100lb+ DB’s dropped in your hands is kind of tough to adjust to. Big moves forward!

    Rope Rear Delt Pull
    • 72lbs - 15reps
    • 95lbs - 15reps
    • 115lbs - 12reps

    Front Hammer DB Raise
    • 40lbs - 12reps
    • 50lbs - 10reps
    • 60lbs - 7reps

    Incline BB to chin - threw these in just to hit that upper chest shoulder tie-in
    • 185lbs - 15reps
    • 225lbs - 15reps

    DB Side Laterals
    • 35lbs - 10reps
    • 45lbs - 8reps
    • 25lbs - 15reps

    Finished this ridiculous shoulder workout off with 25min of liss. I’m doing a bit more cardio then one would recommend during a “bulk” but, this is how you keep it clean and how I want to do things! Going to sit at this cal intake and play with cardio for a bit until I’m even tighter than I am. Then I will bump cals and it’ll probably come from a couple burgers from burger king or something to really help pack the cals on lol
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  2. Didn't have a workout planned for today and wanted to get back in tomorrow. I may regret the move a tad because were supposed to get slammed by 2 different storms at once. So I may not be able to get out at all tomorrow so we'll have to see what happens. Oh well...2 days off isn't going to hurt
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  3. Well it felt good to get back in the gym today after having 2 days off. Was a little down on the strength end because my off days are low/med carb and I have a small minor head cold. No bother though as it was time to get the ball rolling again!

    I was going to start things up with a back workout today, but decided to hit chest instead and back tomorrow! I’d like to be stronger on chest opposed to back, usually leading me to hit back (or whatever body part) first to get everything moving again (after day/s off) and lots of carbs back in me before hitting chest. Guess I was just a bit anxious to hit chest first

    No sets were brought to failure so there was no spot on anything.

    Decline BB - did about 3 warmup sets then moved into progressive sets - all sets on this were performed with full lockout and 2-3second all out squeeze at peak contraction
    • 135lbs - 15reps 155lbs - 15reps 185lbs - 12reps
    • 225lbs - 12reps 275lbs x 2 - 7reps each set

    My chest was on fire after this exercise alone with that full lockout and ridiculous squeezing! Really takes a lot out of your overall strength too huh Normally I keep the tut protocol with a piston style fashion of lifting, so this was a nice change to really get that blood in there!

    Incline Smith reverse grip
    • 90lbs each side - 10reps
    • 100lbs each side - 8reps
    • 110lbs each side - 7reps

    PecDec - repped this out like crazy to really stretch things out and help push even more blood into the muscle
    • 190lbs - 25reps
    • 220lbs - 20reps
    • 250lbs - 15reps

    Close Grip DB Press - all sets on this were performed with full lockout and 2-3second all out squeeze at peak contraction
    • 60lbs - 15reps
    • 80lbs - 10reps
    • 95lbs - 8reps

    Decline Iso HS - all sets on this were performed with full lockout and 2-3second all out squeeze at peak contraction
    • 135lbs each side - 9reps
    • 170lbs each side - 7reps drop set 90lbs each side - 8reps

    I got right out of there after I was finished up blasting my chest. Normally my workouts may be followed by cardio but, since I was feeling a little drowsy I decided to just get home and eat!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  4. it looks like I got some reading to do!
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  5. lol just lots of numbers...few other things here and there
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  6. A pivotal point in my career

    The last week or two I’ve been noticing some changes in the mirror as well as many others picking up on my progress. I’ve been feeling like a beast lately and have just been ripping it up in the gym! Non-stop eating clean, lots of food, crushing weight, plenty of days off from the gym with lots of sleep, recovery is top notch, just totally on point.

    Like I’ve mentioned throughout my log, I’ve “never” had a progressive off-season. It always included missed meals, lack of sleep and not the cleanest sources of food. I would still tare it up in the gym, eat a ton and gain some new muscle, but it came with a lot of fat and my gains weren’t as good as they obviously could be.

    When it comes time to diet down for a show, I never miss a meal, eat 100% clean and am firing on all cylinders. So the vast difference from one to another creates such an anabolic environment (for the first month or so until cals get pretty low) and even though I’m eating less cals, I have all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted that I actually grow a bit for the first few weeks.

    Getting my butt in gear and ready to make some serious moves forward, I kept this same dedication, discipline and focus I own throughout when I diet down for a show and carried it right into my offseason. I’ve made leaps and bounds in my progress and I’m nowhere near done yet. Just to give you an idea of where my head is at, since my show in October (well heck, even all throughout the time I was dieting for that show) I haven’t missed a single meal a day consisting of either 6 or 7 meals. I haven’t stepped too far outside the lines (cheating on my diet like crazy) without regaining control, never missing a beat, just killing it on all levels. My body has literally been in an anabolic state from the second I wake up till I lay down for bed, 7days a week, for the past few months, constantly just pushing and pushing waiting for it to break!

    The reason I’m mentioning all of this (besides the fact that I’m totally thrilled and so happy for myself) is that I think my body has finally given up and broken into the next stage of growth! With all of the reasons mentioned above, the body has to eventually break.

    Those of us that have been going at this for a long time know that “the next level” doesn’t come easy! You have to really bust your butt and work extremely hard to take a physique that has been broken down so many times and adapted each time to take that level of abuse and some, to then reach a level able to break it yet again!

    We all know that when the threshold is broken, new gains will follow. Given how “on point” I am and will continue to be, I can’t wait to see how far this spurt goes (especially having everything at 100%) till things level out, then leaving me to fight yet another battle!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  7. In complete beast mode, I couldn’t wait to blast my back! Definitely one of my favorite body parts to train.

    So yesterday’s workout went a little something like this:

    • Body weight - 15reps, 12reps
    • 10lbs - 10reps
    • 15lbs - 10reps w/a light spot

    BB Row - under grip and pulling into the lower half of abs
    • 205lbs - 12reps
    • 245lbs - 9reps
    • 265lsb - 7reps with a tiny bit of body language on the last 2 or 3reps

    Rack Deads
    • 315lbs - 10reps
    • 405lbs - 10reps
    • 425lbs - 9reps
    • 435lbs - 8reps

    Seated Cable Rope Row - squeezing the heck out of each rep on the first 2 sets
    • 100lbs - 12reps
    • 120lbs - 8reps
    • 180lbs - 10reps

    DB Row
    • 95lbs - 10reps
    • 105lbs - 9reps
    • 115lbs - 7reps

    Pulldowns to the front - just 2 quick sets to stretch things out a bit
    • 120lbs - 12reps
    • 140lbs - 10reps

    DB Pullover
    • 90lbs - 9reps
    • 100lbs - 8reps
    • 115lbs - 7reps

    That would conclude one super smash session for back, followed by 25min of liss on the tread. I’ll be taking off tomorrow and hitting the gym again on Sunday, possibly Monday as well. Not sure what I’ll be training yet as I have to look things over to see what I feel comfortable with filling in the blank.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  8. I took yesterday off from the gym to give my lower back another day to recover so I could squat without it being on fire. So, I wake up and my back was still a bit sore today. I didn’t want to take another day off from the gym, nor did I want to hit upper body again, so I sucked it up and off I went to hit legs.

    Had a specific workout lined up and ready to be played out, but when I got to the gym it was extremely packed and I was a little pressed for time. So instead of waiting forever for each machine to open up, I changed things up and set up shop on the Smith machine and just squatted away doing a 10x10 routine.

    If some of you have been following along, or not…you may know that I’m taking a step back on my leg training to let my upper body catch up a bit. I’ve been hitting legs say once every 2weeks or a little longer. So that stamina it takes to grind through a tough leg workout isn’t really all there. It may be time to turn things back up again?

    Smith Squats - 3warm up sets followed by 10sets of 10reps - BRUTAL!
    • 45lbs each side - 15reps 70lbs each side - 15reps 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 3plates each side - 10sets of 10reps - no breaks in between reps - just deep squatting in a piston type fashion. This got really tough towards the last 4sets. Had me really working for those last few reps!

    Seated Hamstring Curl - 3sets each leg 15-12reps each set

    No cardio afterwards and I was out of there pretty quick. My legs still feel like they got a good deal of work, but to pick things back up I’ll be hitting legs again sooner than 2weeks.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  9. WOW those are big number! Keep up the good work bro!!!! How come you do tread for cardio?
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  10. For low seems to get my heart rate to where I want it the easiest without killing me.

    I do my hiit sessions on the recumbent bike and bring in the stepper when it's time to diet down.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  11. Off today and an arm workout up to bat tomorrow!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  12. yeeaaaaaaaah buddy!

    Quick, hard and heavy arm workout in the books!

    Got into the gym at prime time unfortunately and it was ridicuously packed!

    Warmed up just a little bit and jumped right into things.

    Started off with Preacher DB Curls 1 arm at a time
    25lbs - 15reps
    35lbs - 15reps
    45lbs - 10reps
    60lbs - 9reps
    70lbs - 8reps but with a spot out of the hole on pretty much each rep

    For a change, I went and did ez bar curls next with a wide grip
    85lbs - 15reps
    105lbs - 12reps
    115lbs - 10reps

    Moved on to tricep pushdowns alternating between a close and wide grip each set
    half the stack for reps
    3/4 the stack for reps
    then just racked the stack for 2sets of both close and wide grip

    Overhead DB extension
    95lbs - 13reps
    105lbs - 12reps
    110lbs - 9reps

    Close Grip BB Press
    225lbs x 3 - 12,10,10reps

    Shot over to the treadmill for some cardio action. Did 15min of liss and that was that.

    Took today off and will be in the gym tomorrow for back, followed by chest on saturday!! Stay tuned
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  13. Pullups
    • Body weight - 16reps, 13reps
    • 10lbs - 10reps

    BB Row - under grip pulling low
    • 225lbs - 11reps
    • 265lbs - 9reps
    • 286lbs - 9reps - I hit this set after a nice rest to gain some good strength back after my second set. Small amount of body language towards the very end but, nothing too drastic.

    Rack Deads - changed things up a bit here
    • 315lbs - 20reps
    • 275lbs - 20reps
    • 225lbs - 20reps

    DB Row
    • 55lbs - 8reps - completely extended stretch at the bottom, with a 3second squeeze at the top. As light of a weight this was, the way I did them really made the muscle work!
    • 100lbs - 9reps
    • 110lbs - 7reps

    Pulldowns to the front super setted with a cable rope push down type movement to hit the serratus
    • 120lbs - 11reps ss 42lbs - 15reps
    • 120lbs - 10reps ss 50lbs - 13reps
    • 100lbs - 9reps ss 57lbs - 10reps

    Hypers - 2 quick sets because I haven’t done them in a while
    • Body weight - 20reps
    • 25lbs - 12reps

    Finishing things up with 15min of liss on the tread, today called for 25g of whey post wo…so I shot that back and off I went to enjoy the rest of the day.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  14. I was charged up and ready to go for a killer chest session today. Only thing is on certain days I can only get 1 meal in before my workout so, it definitely has been taking a toll on my strength as I’ve been noticing. Still making it happen but, I normally like to get at least 2 meals in before a workout for that extra energy.

    Today was a hypertrophy approach to my training session

    Incline Smith - under grip
    • 45lbs on each side - 15reps 55lbs each side - 12reps 70lbs each side - 11reps
    • 90lbs each side - 10reps 110lbs each side - 9reps
    • 120lbs each side - 5reps - drop set - 90lbs each side - 5reps, this set was to failure

    Flat DB Press - all with a second or two pause at the bottom
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 100lbs - 9reps
    • 110lbs - 8reps

    Decline HS machine
    • 135lbs each side - 10reps
    • 160lbs each side - 8reps
    • 180lbs - 6reps - drop set - 135lbs - 4reps, this set was to failure

    Top Cable Flye - very slow reps with full contraction at bottom portion of rep
    • 22lbs - 12reps
    • 32lbs - 14reps
    • 37lbs - 12reps
    • 42lbs - 8reps

    No cardio after today’s workout and just got right into my post wo supps, followed by my monster post wo meal! So stuffed…
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  15. have you tried yok3d yet and if so,any info? i have usplabs products in my cabinet now and and for the past four is my fav.,but also have modern bcaa's,,pink,recreate,out of ap and jk3d currently.good products and jacob gives some really good bargains.workout info was good.thanks

  16. Quote Originally Posted by willib View Post
    have you tried yok3d yet and if so,any info? i have usplabs products in my cabinet now and and for the past four is my fav.,but also have modern bcaa's,,pink,recreate,out of ap and jk3d currently.good products and jacob gives some really good bargains.workout info was good.thanks
    Hey willib, thanks for stopping by. I have not tried yok3d yet and look forward to getting my hands on it. There is plenty of info here:

    Sounds like you have quite the collection of USPlabs products. Makes sense though as they put out such quality supplements.

    Glad you found some of my workout information useful
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  17. After getting my butt kicked during my last leg session, I’ve decided to get back to working them more often than I was. Like I mentioned earlier, I cut back on how often I worked legs to let my upper body catch up a bit. Time to get the wheels spinning again! I mixed things up by doing quads and hams from exercise to exercise opposed to doing all quads then hams.

    BB Squat
    • 135lbs - 15reps 185lbs - 15reps 225lbs - 15reps
    • 275lbs - 12reps 315lbs - 12reps 275lbs - 12reps

    Laying Ham Curl - don’t remember the weight here as I’m not tracking my leg workouts at the moment. So there will be a few things I can’t pinpoint weight on.
    • 4sets - 15reps, 13reps, 11reps, 9reps,

    • 185lbs - 15reps
    • 225lbs - 12reps
    • 275lbs - 9reps

    Quad Extension
    • 4sets - 15reps, 12reps, 10reps, 8reps with a few forced reps towards the end

    Adductor Machine
    • 4sets - 20reps, 20reps, 15reps, 15reps

    Didn’t do any post wo cardio so my legs can have the chance to breathe and get on the road to recovery I have a shoulder workout lined up for tomorrow and as always I’m ready to get it in!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  18. I woke up this morning and knocked out 20min of liss on the tread. Had some shoveling to take care of outside after breakfast, then got things ready for my shoulder workout later on. Recorded 2 vids that I’ll throw up just to see what’s going on in the gym

    DB Military
    • 45lbs - 15reps 55lbs - 12reps 65lbs - 9reps
    • 95lbs - 13reps - recorded - I decided to up the reps on this set because I didn’t think I was going to go any heavier. Figured what the heck and went back to what I did the other week to keep that confidence level there kicking those big db’s up
    • 105lbs - 8reps

    Rear PecDec
    • 115lbs - 15reps
    • 145lbs - 12reps
    • 160lbs - 10reps

    Incline BB Press
    • 225lbs - 12reps
    • 205lbs - 12reps
    • 185lbs - 13reps

    DB Hammer Raise
    • 35lbs - 12reps
    • 40lbs - 10reps
    • 45lbs - 8reps

    Upright Rows
    • 90lbs - 12reps
    • 100lbs - 15reps - recorded just for the heck of it, nothing special with this lift
    • 110lbs - 10reps drop set 80lbs - 4reps

    Finished the workout off with another 20min of liss on the tread and here I am now ha

    I may drop cals soon just a tad and ride that out for a little bit. I want to toy around with things and see if I can continue to go up in strength while nipping away at a little more bodyfat by dropping cals. I’m sitting at 208.4 this morning and holding rather well I feel. So we’ll see what I decide to do in the next week or so and take it from there!

    YouTube - DB Military - 95lbs x 13reps

    YouTube - Upright Row - 100lbs x 15reps
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  19. Blasted through a nice and heavy back session, making sure form was never compromised as I was moving up in weight!

    • body weight - 17reps, 14reps, 10reps

    BB Row
    • 245lbs - 10reps
    • 285lbs - 8reps
    • 225lbs - 11reps

    Rack Deads
    • 315lbs - 11reps
    • 405lbs - 10reps
    • 445lbs - 9reps

    DB Row
    • 105lbs - 10reps
    • 115lbs - 8reps

    DB Pullover
    • 105lbs - 8reps
    • 95lbs - 10reps

    Pulldown to front - slow reps to stretch everything out
    • 120lbs - 12reps
    • 100lbs - 14reps

    Had to get out pretty quick as it was getting quite late, so I didn’t do any cardio afterwards. I have a quick chest session up to bat today and as always...I'm ready to get the job done!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  20. I’ve been staying with my hypertrophy setup for chest day as of lately since doing just as I planned has been working. Doing the DC and 5x5 style workouts mixed in here and there to bring my strength up and now I’m carrying that over into my growth workouts.

    Next workout will be a high rep, blood volume type workout to help flush out any waste as I haven’t did that in some time.

    Flat DB
    • 45lbs - 20reps 60lbs - 12reps 70lbs - 10reps…all quick rep warmup sets
    • 100lbs - 10reps - nice stretch and pause at the bottom, controlled reps
    • 110lbs - 11reps - just short of failure
    • 120lbs - 9reps - small spot on this set only on the last 2 or 3 reps, but still not to failure

    Incline HS - haven’t done this forever and I wanted to bring something new in today
    • 3plates and a quarter each side - 11reps
    • 4plates each side - 8reps
    • 4plates and a quarter each side - 8reps - light spot on a couple reps and took this to failure

    Flat Fixed Press
    • 205lbs - 10reps
    • 235lbs - 9reps
    • 250lbs - 8reps, failure here…really working for that last rep with no spot

    Close Grip DB Press
    • 85lbs - 10reps
    • 75lbs - 11reps
    • 65lbs - 12reps

    Didn’t finish this workout off with cardio as well as I was a little pressed for time. *I’ve dropped my cals by just under 200 and mostly from carbs on my workout days. Pulled roughly 80 or so out on my non workout days from carbs but upped the protein a bit. Verdict is I’ve been tagging in each morning lighter and lighter for the past 3days since doing this AND going up in strength. Exactly what I’m aiming for and will stick at this point for a little bit and then possibly drop cals a tiny bit more. I’m not looking to diet down or anything but, I’m looking for that sweet spot where I can continue to grow on minimal cals to help keep body fat in check even further. So I’m sitting at roughly 3700 cals on workout days and just under on non-workout days. I’ll keep at this like I said and just basically go from there and adjust as needed!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  21. Leg day…yeah buddy!

    I wanted to switch things up a little and squat in the smith machine today. Even though with legs for some reason I could do the same exercises, over and over and they’ll continue to grow <shrugs> The exercises are just so darn taxing I guess the body never really adjusts (for me at least).

    Smith Squats
    • 45plate each side - 15reps 70lbs each side - 15reps 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 3plates each side - 15reps, then took a nice 3-5minute break to catch my breath and be able to give my next set all that I have. It’s been a long time since I got under more than 3plates so, what better day then today to start right?
    • 3plates and a quarter each side - 10reps, spot on me but didn’t help at all on any reps. I was a bit surprised that I was still able to steam through this kind of weight without touching it for a long time. Oh yeah and were talking parallel or just below, non-stop movement rep to rep. None of that catching your breath stuff between reps. It’s all about that tut!!!
    • 4plates each side - 8reps, really digging deep for each rep as I was pretty damn tired at this point. Spot on me without doing to much on any rep except maybe the last few! I figured if I tagged the previous set for what I did, maybe it’s time to start getting at those 4plates again! Just sucks that I’m not able to go this heavy safely in the squat rack we have. 1perc to high, 1perch to low…I’ll pass risking injury!

    1leg lunges on a HS machine we have
    • 3sets working my way down the rack to 210lbs for 13reps. Started at 20reps and kept moving the pin and getting less reps each set. Nothing to failure here…

    1leg extensions
    • Same deal here as on the previous exercise. 3sets working my way down the rack to a lesser finishing weight though. Couldn’t handle as much with 1leg at this point, especially on extensions! 15, 12, 8reps

    Seated Ham Curls
    • Ran through the rack doing about 5sets working all the way down from 20reps a set to about 12reps with a little spot at the bottom of the movement.

    SLDL - been doing these lately on the smith machine because I kind of like the tension it keeps on the muscle
    • 2plates each side for 2sets - 15reps and 12reps
    • 1plate each side, taking each rep nice and slow for 12reps

    Didn’t do any cardio afterwards and I’m taking the day off from the gym tomorrow
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  22. So yesterday I went ahead and did 4yok3d about 1.5hours before my wo with my pre-wo meal. I usually eat about an hour beforehand and yok3d wants roughly 2hours dosing with meal before a workout, so I tried meeting it in the middle. I trained chest with a blood volume high rep approach as I haven’t did this type of workout in some time. I think it was exactly what I needed to mix it up from my other chest workouts as my chest is still ridiculously pumped. Yes…the next day it still is! I feel yok3d played a big role in this because throughout my workout I was “extremely” pumped (way more than normal) and you could even see the surface of my skin in my arms, shoulders and chest were a bit red. Ridiculous stuff and the NO market is in for a real threat!

    Flat DB Fly - went kind of heavy here since it was my first exercise. I wanted to change it up from the typical press first I always do, so I figured I’d reap the benefits and go a bit heavier than planned for the “high rep day”.
    • 25lbs - 10reps 45lbs - 12reps
    • 60lbs - 12reps 70lbs - 10reps
    • 80lbs - 6reps

    Flat BB Press
    • 225lbs - 14reps
    • 205lbs - 15reps
    • 185lbs - 17reps

    Flat Fixed HS Press
    • 160lbs - 18reps
    • 190lbs - 15reps
    • 205lbs - 13reps

    • 145lbs - 15reps
    • 130lbs - 16reps
    • 160lbs - 14reps

    • 30reps, 30reps, 31reps

    I then hopped on the tread for 15min of liss afterwards while I reaped the benefits of an extremely pumped chest. I just couldn’t get over how swollen my chest was…I couldn’t stop feeling it lol Yok3d is the real deal, there’s no doubt about that! Can’t wait to see this hit the shelves and destroy the competition.
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  23. I want to try yok3d sooo bad! You got some heavy lifts bud. You taking pm and prime right now too?
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  24. Yeah yok3d is definitely by far the best NO product I've tried. Hands down!

    Did you sign up to the inner circle?

    No prime or pm at the moment...just about everthing else from USP though. Going to wait till I feel things balance out a bit then bring in the big guns!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  25. Well yesterday I hit back and have progressing nicely from workout to workout. For the longest time I’ve haven’t kept pullups in my routine and wanted to now keep them as a staple in my routine. They are an excellent exercise for back width in which is something I’m looking to add a bit more of. More back width gives a little more room for back thickness It’s been time to bring everything up and I’ve been doing what I got to do to get the job done!

    • Body weight - 18reps, 13reps, 13reps - no additional weight attached, just really trying to focus on working the muscle hard

    BB Row - took an under grip this workout and pulled a bit lower than normal
    • 225lbs - 12reps
    • 265lbs - 12reps
    • 285lbs - 10reps
    • 315lbs - 6solid reps and stopped there because I didn’t want to sacrifice the connection

    Seated HS Row
    • 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 135lbs each side - 10reps
    • 160lbs each side - 10reps
    • 180lbs each side - 8reps

    DB Pullover
    • 85lbs - 9reps
    • 95lbs - 8reps
    • Rope Straight Arm Pulldown - 2sets - 50lbs - 15reps 65lbs - 12reps

    Low Pulley Row
    • 30lbs - 10reps
    • 42lbs - 10reps
    • 57lbs - 12reps

    Finished the workout off with 15min of liss on the tread and it was a wrap!
    I’ve recently readjusted my daily meal plan down to 6meals from 7 due to time restrictions. Meals are a bit more filling now as I’m able to spread those cals throughout each meal. It seems to be a nice change for my body as I’ve taken on a bit fuller of a look since then. I will ride this out for a bit and continue to take things as they go and adjust as needed. Next up will most likely be an addition of say 100-200cals from fat or half pro from whey and half fat.

    Tomorrow I’ll be hitting legs and look forward to getting the wheels rolling!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  26. Quote Originally Posted by JRob23 View Post
    Yeah yok3d is definitely by far the best NO product I've tried. Hands down!

    Did you sign up to the inner circle?

    No prime or pm at the moment...just about everthing else from USP though. Going to wait till I feel things balance out a bit then bring in the big guns!
    Yeah I am a part of inner circle but I had purchased couple of supplements, lost my check, and valentine's day is coming up I really wanted to try it but seems like I just ran into a lot of bad lucks
    Lockout Supplements Rep
    Discount Code = anabolic05

  27. Damn man, sorry to hear that. Yok3d I'm sure is here to stay, so once it hits the shelves you'll have your shot at it
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  28. My leg workout yesterday went over pretty good. I was able to get in the gym pretty early, so I was able to get in a solid session. Legs are crazy sore today and I’ll be blasting the delts right after work tomorrow!

    Smith Squats - placed my feet a little forward and took each rep down as deep as I could - paused at the bottom for about 2 or 3 seconds and then drove hard through each rep - talk about exhausting
    • 45lbs each side - 15reps
    • 70lbs each side - 12reps
    • 90lbs each side - 12reps
    • 135lbs each side - 12reps, this set was painful to say the least
    • 90lbs each side - 12reps

    Lunge Machine
    4sets - 15reps each set, progressing in weight, digging deep on each rep with no pausing on any rep

    Quad Extension
    • 3set - 20reps each set, only jumped 1stack in weight and was just going for burning the muscle out

    Seated Ham Curls
    • 4sets - 20,15,12,10reps - working my way down the stack each set

    Standing Ham Curl - unfortunately have to do this with a pulley at the bottom of a cable station
    • 4sets, 20 to 15reps each set, working from 20-30lbs on the stack

    • 65lbs - 12reps
    • 75lbs - 12reps
    • 85lbs - 10reps
    • 95lbs - 9reps

    Finished the workout off there and didn’t do any cardio afterwards. Not going in to the gym today and can’t wait to just relax after work!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  29. My shoulder workout yesterday went through pretty quick which I was happy about.

    DB Military
    • 40lbs - 20reps 55lbs - 10reps 70lbs - 10reps
    • 100lbs - 9reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps w/ a little spot up and then on the last few reps

    Rear DB Lateral
    • 25lbs - 15reps
    • 35lbs - 13reps
    • 20lbs - 20reps

    Side Lateral Machine
    • 90lbs - 17reps
    • 130lbs - 13reps
    • 170lbs - 12reps

    DB Side lateral
    • 30lbs - 12reps
    • 25lbs - 15reps
    • 20lbs - 15reps

    I didn’t do any cardio after this workout which isn’t that big of a deal. I was a bit short on time as I got out of work a little later than expected.

    I took a quick look at things and I’m most likely going to take off from the gym today and get a Chest session in on Sunday. I normally don’t tag shoulders and chest this close together but, things just fell where they did this week. I also attached a photo of my front relaxed I took real quick to show where I am at this point. The quality would be much better if I used my digital but, it’s just so much easier and quicker to snap a quick pic from my phone
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23

  30. I decided to do a 5x5 (custom) style Chest workout on Saturday and may continue with this style for a another week or 2.

    BB Decline
    • 135lbs - 18reps 155lbs - 15reps 180lbs - 10reps
    • 275lbs - 5,5,5,5,8 - when I get into the heavier weight for my first set or 2, it feel like it’s the perfect weight and going to work as planned. Instead of the last set or 2 getting harder and working for that last rep or 2, I’m able to push out several more lol, weird stuff

    Low Incline DB Press - no spot on any of these sets, I felt really strong here even from not doing these for some time
    • 75lbs - 10reps
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps
    • 110lbs - 8reps

    Top Cables
    • 32lbs - 15reps
    • 37lbs - 13reps
    • 42lbs - 9reps
    • 32lbs - 15reps

    Flat Fixed Press
    • 205lbs - 12erps
    • 250lbs - 9reps
    • 265lbs - 9reps

    DB Pullover - just as a finisher to help stretch things out a bit
    • 90lbs - 10reps
    • 105lbs - 8reps

    I finished the workout off with 15min of liss cardio on the tread. Man I am loving Yok3d…more than anything how ridiculously pumped you get. I don’t love it just because of sick pumps but…flushing the muscle with so much blood is ultimately going to help stretch the fascia and allow more room for more growth to occur.

    Such a great product and as always am so pleased with yet another (imo) breakthrough supplement of the year!
    Jimmy Robinson
    IG @jimmyrob23


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