P-Slin + L-Norvaline

  1. P-Slin + L-Norvaline

    I am unsure as to how these two supplements interact.

    If I were to take 200mg of l-norvaline with pre-workout p-slin, would I need to lower my usual dosage (of p-slin that is)?

  2. Tried this today. No noticeable effect on nutrient repartioning. Had the same amount of carbs I usually do with no hypoglycemia in the gym.

    The P-slin seemed to "kick in" more quickly as I went hypo in under ten minutes. Usually it takes 10-15min before I start feeling this way. Not 100% sure if the addition of the l-norvaline caused this, but felt like reporting it anyway.

    When added to my normal pre-wo supps, pumps in the gym were insane. Considering the low cost of the bulk powder, this will definately become a staple.

    If you like p-slin, I highly recommend trying this.

  3. very good input rhyno i will have to try this im a fan of pslin.
    does usp still make pslin ive noticed alot of stores are out of stock?
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  4. I believe they no longer sell the capped product but the bulk powder can still be purchased (at least when it is in stock at Nutra).

  5. thanks rhyno thats what i was afraid of usp please bring back pslin caps.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  6. Quote Originally Posted by flightposite View Post
    ...im a fan of pslin.
    I am, too!
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