NO flavor

  1. NO flavor

    i got 10 pds of TP, the flavor is SOO MILD,, i hate it

  2. Did you get one of the free flavors (especially unsweetened) ? People recommend the premiums for good reason.

    In the meantime depending on what you got you can try adding things like sugar free pudding mix, various extracts, etc to it. Next time you purchase I suggest either getting it mixed with a premium flavor or purchasing a couple flavor packs so you can control the type and intensity of the flavor for each shake.

  3. I usually ask for a half serving extra sweetner in my protein.

  4. I like the regular flavored stuff, but recently Ive been mixing a scoop of the normal chocolate with a scoop of the premium bananas n' cream, and its delicious!

  5. Just go to the store and buy some unsweetened cocoa powder and throw that in there for now, or order some of the flavoring from the true protein site.
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  6. I prefer unflavored as you can add it to anything. The regular flavors are quite underwhelming though.


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