any one try androgel

  1. any one try androgel

    I had a rep come in today and told me testmin does not work at all. Any one herd that today.

  2. Testim

    I bought a tube off the net.. Very weak did nothing for me.

  3. i use testim. works for the medicinal purpose not for bulking or a cycle

  4. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    I had a rep come in today and told me testmin does not work at all. Any one herd that today.
    I used Androgel for about 6 months without much results, but started using it then putting Phlojel Ultra over it immediately and my Test. level went to just a little over 900 in aout a month. It was about 300-350 on just the Androgel by itself.

  5. androgel killed my hair line. I had noticeable thinning. If you want to know more check the hrt and trt sections. this stuff can send your dht levels through the roof like 3 times the high normal range. so unless you need a higher dht level i would leave it alone. i had quite a few bottles of this stuff ,and i really didnt notice anything special about this other than my hair thinning. and no i didnt have a prescription i got them from a friend who was prescribed the patch instead.

  6. I know Im new here but I have quite a bit of experience, Now my feeling on androgel is that if its is used in conjunction with a bulker not as the main source of test but an adjunct then it does have its place as long as enough is used. The last time I was bulking I used 4 5mg androgel packets (2 twice a day) I had no noticeable major sides but I was taking a 1mg dose of adex once a day. My hair was fine and I didnt experience the similar sides I get form an Immediate release test like agroviron but then again I was taking a big dose of androgel much higher than normally prescribed. In the end though for the money spent i think prop is a better buy


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