Sd Transdermal?!

  1. Sd Transdermal?!

    this may seem dumb but, i know 4AD transdermal/sublingual can bypass liver, what if you put SD into transdermal matrix

  2. It is a methylated oral steroid designed to pass through the liver 90something % active. Making it transdermal will reduce that to ~30%. If indeed it can be disolved in TD solution and pass through the dermas it is terribly inefficeint and wasteful.

  3. yeah fair enough but would transdermal then, even at 30%, not harm the liver?? Could even go sublingual

  4. Well I believe that since the first pass will be avoided, less stress would be put on the liver although I have no science to back this up.

  5. Yes. Now i know about the bioavailability. lets say i have 180 caps superdrol, or 1.8grams of it. I dump this in a 4oz transdermal matrix or hey sublingular matrix!

    Would the methyl allow the stuff to pass into my body the same as say 4AD would??

    Would the fillers in the caps be of any concern transdermally??

    My concern is my liver with superdrol. If i can go trans at 30% i will try it! Or even sublingular....

    any info? IdeaS?
    hell if it works sublingular then that is insane, 20mg a day no prob at 90% bioavailable...

    MAN IMAGINE you could go 30mg SD a day no liver sides?! just gain gain gain!

  6. NO it doesn't work that way. You will certainly get liver stress. Less than orally, but how much less? 1%? 10%? 20%? 50%? Probably not 50%. And as you put it, some of them fillers may be OK orally, but the same isn't necessarily true of a transdermal.

    Much better off with methoxy-TST IMO if you want a good gainer without the methyl.

  7. Transdermals skip the intial pass through the liver, from the stomach, but the PH is being held in your blood. Blood flows through your liver. SD eats your liver like fat chicks eat Ben&Jerry's Ice cream. So even though it skips the initial pass, SD is still circulating through your liver, all day, every day, until you're finished with your cycle.

  8. Interesting. Thanks Guys makes sense!


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