making tesosterone gel questions

  1. making tesosterone gel questions

    alright so iv been thinking i think of stupid stuff while at work. i have to questions.
    1. can you make a trans dermal testosterone from a few viles of injectables.
    2. i know methyl 1 testosterone is completly different then REg t but can those pills also be turned into a transdermal?

  2. If you could get test suspension (aqueous), You could reduce it to powdered test base...oils won't work and the esters are too heavy. You need test base powder to make it worth while.

  3. i can get Testosterone Base in 10 ml (100 mg/ml) not sure if its oil or not. lets say i have it how would i reduce it to powder. is it as simple as evaporating the liquid off?

  4. alright i can get some suspension as well. are all test suspension aqueous.

  5. alright so scratch the plan for the test base, what about turning M1t into a transdermal?

  6. If one had access to test powder, what would one do next? What carrier, etc? Hypothetically speaking...


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