OK, I have converted 5carts syno and 6carts fina. I used sodium hydoxide to saponify the esters and have a total of 8g TNE and 10g TrenNE.

I plan on dissolving the crystals into 300ml of the Dermabolics' Transport Matrix (basically the same as the old AvantLabs TDS used for One and One+). If my math is correct, 1 pump equals .8mls. I plan on using 4 pumps in the morning and 3 pumps in the evening. This should deliver about 178mg of Tren and 145mg Test on my skin per day. If I use 30% as the absorption rate (reasonable) then I should get about 53.4mg of Tren and 43.3mg of Test per day, or 374mg Tren/week and 303mg Test/week. I should have enough to last 53 days.

This is strictly for cutting and obviously not designed for a bulking cycle. What do you all think?