Transdermal Phenibut

  1. Transdermal Phenibut

    Has anyone tried this or have any idea how it'd work? It has a MW of 328 I think. Dosing info etc?

  2. Oh, and I'm sorry. I know this has nothing to do with anabolics. Just thought it would be the best place to get good TD info.

  3. Phenibut is easily dissolved (almost instantly) in water. I'm looking for ways to use less and get the same effects as oral. Almost all of orally consumed Phenibut is present in urine. Used intranasally, dosages as little as 50mg have been reported as effective. The normal oral recreational dose is around 2g (5-6 for me). What do you guys think. Should I just guinea pig it? Have transport matrix and the phenibut. I don't know how much to suspend though.

  4. Only 50mg nasal? Since the oral applications has a very long half-life, how long does it take to kick in nasal?

  5. I don't really know but I'm guessing very rapid. Anything absorbed through the mucous membranes (cocaine for example) is very fast acting. I know it has to be buffered with baking soda or something similar. I tried it once with straight phenibut and thought I was literally gonna die. Like a blow torch up the nose that doesn't go away for about one minute. I've heard some other people describe it as snorting fire ants lol. I've read multiple sources saying that half the dose is just as effective and much faster acting if used rectally. Just not something I want to have to do everyday if you get my drift.

  6. just wondering, do you take the 5-6g at the same time or in divided doses?

  7. At a time. Multiple times a day. I've been using it for a really long time and my tolerance is through the roof. Need to wash out for a couple months but it's pretty addicting

  8. Bump on this. I'd be interested in a transdermal application...

    Any feedback yet?

    Should be pretty easy to dissolve in transport matrix.

  9. Nothing please

  10. I have tried 3gr with some plo gel from Malaysia. I applied well, I got something like .6gr oral dose, but I cannot be sure. I believe the carrier was not so good though, maybe more popular plo gels, or a carrier enhancer can give much better results.

  11. Finally, someone that has tried it. I've been washing out so when I go back on I'll give it a whirl. I have a couple different carriers that might work. It dissolves really easy in just water so I think I'll try the Dermabolics Transport Matrix first.

  12. Any results with the Dermabolics Transport Matrix and phenibut?

    I am waiting for phlogel ultra to arrive, and I am going to try with that also.


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