Weird elbow pain

  1. Exclamation Weird elbow pain

    I only get the pain when i lift, and its only on the way down with chest exercises that i feel it. When i bring the weight down to about parallel i feel like a weird squeezing type feeling. almost like a pop but no sound i just feel it. It is the inside of the arm, inner elbow. Please any idea's are greatly appreciated

  2. tendon? try reverse grip EZ bar curls with the bar and 10 lbs a side. if that movement hurts its an inside tendon that connects branch/forearm.

  3. Your 19, lol. It would take me an hour to list all the pains i have, lol.

    In all seriousness, get some cloth elbow sleeves and some menthol roll on. Put the menthol on and wear the sleeves, it will heat up. This helps me quite a bit. Or you can buy the horse liniments from, it is a good story when people see you applying sh*t in the locker room that is made for horses.

  4. thanks for the help, its just aggravating as hell lol

  5. sounds similar to my tennis elbow. try only going to about 90 degrees on pressing motions. also, you can pre fatigue your pecs with flyes and reduce the stress on the elbow. does it bother you when you do tricep extensions?



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