HS100 Chest Specialization

  1. HS100 Chest Specialization

    Trying this new workout next week.


    I hit a roadblock in chest, been eating well and been training seriously for 2 years, i'm only 130 lbs though.

    Do you think this will overtrain me and stop growth though? It says most of the gains come after the 4 week period on this.

    If this will send me into a monster growth period after the workout then i'm willing to do a lot of chest volume, my main goal overall is gaining weight, but i feel like my chest still looks the same as my back, arms, and legs keep getting asthetically bigger.

    anyone have personal experience with this workout?

  2. If you check out my current log, the RPM Drive X-Factor, I just got done doing this routine for two weeks. I have done 4 weeks on the hss back and shoulder routines and like the results a lot. I am just to sore with the X-Factor to get the most out of this one. I would suggest do it until you complete 4 weeks or have two workouts with a noticeable decline in strength. Honestly though if your overall goal is to just gain weight, you may want to check out some full body routines.
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  3. I tried this for 2 wks cuz I have trouble growing my chest but I didn't really like it to much. Didn't get much out of it either. I'm not saying it doesn't work, I just didn't enjoy it. I'm on my 6th week of HST, and my chest has grow more in these few weeks than it has in the past yr. The only exercises I do with my cycle are inclined db press and weighted gironda dips. With just these two exercise, my chest had grown tremendously.

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