DanTman's CUTTING log...starting 11/13/05

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  1. DanTman's CUTTING log...starting 11/13/05

    FINALLY!!!!! I have been meaning to do this for quite some time, finally forked over some cash( still have lots left...im a saver ) even though i have a 5.15/hour job at Kroger, LMAO...oh well

    I got the program today, but outlook express said it removed the file because it could be a virus.....i was PISSED b/c i didnt know it was fixable.....so after b*tching for a while i looked up on the internet on how to fix it.Got it fixed and started looking over my plan. VERY IMPRESSED!

    all is well besides the fact that i have a home gym and im going to have to get creative with the freweights and replace some lifts with others that i can execute( IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS LET ME KNOW!!!!!!). Other than that everything looks good to go....i dont think ill have to much a problem with the diet......meals look( or sound) very compact and portable, so all my fears of not finding time to eat are not to much to worry about now......so it seems.

    The workouts are going to kick my ass...bad....i am used to LOW volume routines and rest pause schemes...DC training if u know what that is. ( i loved this routine)

    Well yeah i am looking to cut to 12% or below( preferably below) I plan on doing more than the 8 weeks with this plan.

    here are some quick stats.....

    17 years old



    20ish% BF

    measurements will be given at the start of my log. i might do pics also...idk yet.

    I am def looking foward to this, im going to have to cut my work hours short.....balancing school, work, and this wont be easy...but ****, it needs to get done.

    One last thing before i start rambling, is the fact in which i cant use supplements....ahhhh it bugs me....i know i dont need them but i feel like nothing without them.....its all mental no doubt but i feel like i NEED BCAA's and creatine ATLEAST, but Bobo is the genius here so what he says goes.

    AND, is it okay to not have that cheat day?? i MIGHT one week out of the 8 but if it will hinder gains then i wont have one. is it just to keep us sane??

    thats it...till monday.


  2. Good luck all i heard was good stuff!

  3. Congrats on taking that step in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Supplements are just that they supplement the healthy diet which is supposed to be the foundation. Keep on doin the damn thing, and keep us posted !!!

  4. I'm pleased to see you finally look the plunge and joined the circus lol. No you don't truley need the cheat meals, espacially at 20%. I'm sure Bobo will tell you if you ask him but all that talk about raising leptin levels is only if yoour around the 10-12% range. I didn't cheat for 28 weeks, you can do the same bro, keep your head in it and don't get distracted. Oh yeah, go to the back of the members section and look through the early threads, most of your questions can be answered there.

  5. Alright, here are a few general stats.

    age: 17

    and here are the important ones. ALL TAKEN COLD.

    -updated weekly-

    weight- tomorrow morning, every monday

    - updated end of 8th week-

    arms R/L- 16" ----- 15 3/4"
    chest- 44"
    Upper legs R/L- 28"------28"
    waist- 39" ( WTF!?!?! )
    BF%- ?? 20ish

    well there it is, the waist measurment is weird because i could wear a 33-34 pants size if it wasnt so tight around my legs and ass making me look like an EMO kid.


    get stronger
    gain LBM
    learn, gain knowlege about nutrition for future reference
    get to single digit BF%
    to be succsesful with the plan( ie, not screw it up)

    thats it for now i guess

    i start tomorrow( the 14th but my plan said the 13th) and so far i think ill be fine, the only thing that might give me difficulties is the routine, but i'l figure it all out.

    game on

  6. Good Luck bro, keep us posted.

  7. Good luck...

  8. Day 1

    weight- 222( morning, clothed) 220.8( before workout, not clothed)

    well, this was the first day and i ahd just got done eatine my post w/o meal.

    So far the food has been gross....but its just the way i eat it, i precooked it and packed it in the fridge the night before....woke up at 4:30 and had some ( dont know if its okay to post here)....i gagged every bite, then wwent to bed again, later on in the day things went smoother, cept the ( again dont know if i could post outside the private forums) started getting to me. I will start spicing things up making them more tolerable....other than that diet was 100% today, even though i still got 1 meal left. Eating at school wasnt as difficult as i thought.....i just run to my brothers car before school starts and at lunch and chow down....hope i dont get caught.

    Now the workouts....WTF! they sorta remind me how i felt on UD2.0 depletion days....the first 2 sets on flat bench went awesome then i couldnt finish the other sets, i was getting 4 reps and then 3 reps and it sucked, i couldnt finish the workout correctley, and overall had a ****ty workout....BUT i havent touched a weight in about 6 or so weeks( scince sep 20th) and i guess i have some adapting to do, plus i kept the same weight on the bar the whole time, PLUS i am use to low volume. So add all that up and thats gonna equal disaster. Ill be hurting tomorrow. Cant wait till leg day, ugh...yeah rite
    But i guess i just have to man up and deal with it, after all everytime i start a new routine and diet i get off to a rough start, then with time it starts to become a second nature and things all come together and i "get in the groove'', im hoping thats what happens hear.

    other than that im looking foward to the results.

    i seriously want to learn to dance like this


  9. You are probably going to be sore for a long time after this week and you might have to skip some days. If you can't finish all the sets don't worry about it. That is ok and has happened to people because it takes time to get used to this type of workout. Just be patient and you will adapt in time. Do NOT go overboard. Just take your time and everything will work out.
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  10. Day 2

    well day two is coming to an end. There is good news and bad news.

    Good news is that i enjoyed the food, just added some spices and used some good hot sauce and it rocked.

    Bad news, that really bugs me is the workout. It was backday and all i have to work with are freeweights, it was horrible....i got some rows done but they didnt feel like my chest did yesterday, then i tried some deadlifts which were doing their job but i started thinking about how it would affect leg day. I need to get this together....if anyone has ideas for back exercises please post them up...they need to be freeweight. Actually i think being so damn sore all over my upperbody had something to do with it, because i have enough lifts do do , its just that i could not execute them, pullups for example...no way in hell with my shoulder chest and lat soreness. Just a little dissapointed right now....feels like i just wasted a day of good dieting, even though that might not be the case. Other than that i am trilled about the food today.

  11. Day 3

    Diet was to the T today and the food was awesome...its amazing what a little flavor can do. So its going well right now.....still VERY SORE, idk how im going to do tri's tomorrow, they are destroyed.

    All i have left today are two meals and some cardio( i missed my morning cardio this morning ....if i use treadmil at home it will wake my family up.....so i guess im going to walk outside at 4-5 in the morning then go back to bed) unless of course evening cardio is alright, which i am about to do.

    thats it for today

  12. Day 4

    Today was a great day overall, woke up and triceps werent as sore as they were yesterday so i blasted them today and i still feel like my tri's are 20lb sacks of granite.

    accidentally missed a meal , and didnt finish another meal because of time but made up for it later on along with other meals....i wont make it a habbit....promise.

    so far so good.

  13. Day 5

    LEG DAY......

    i dont want to write wahat was really on my minds for the fear of being banned but WOW is all i gotta say.

    That was insane, very intesne. And it hurt like a ****** ******. It kicked my ass.

    BUT......it was the best day so far!!!

    I got the best workout today than any other day so far. After squats i was truly blown to pieces. I couldnt lunge my own damn body weight, but i did get hamstring cramp which didnt help.

    I had been fearing this workout all day and got al anxious and nervous beforehand but to my suprise it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought...i KINDA liked it i guess.

    I think that doing widowmakers( 20 rep squats) in my old routine helped immensly with the squating. Other than that i was toast....on all other exercises my leggs were shaking/throbbing...right now my legs wont extend all the way and im walking kinda funny.

    I will feel like i got run over my a truck tomorrow morning.

    sry for the long post but one more thing......anyone ever get that thing ...when ur legs are really sore and ur waling and all of a sudden a legs or leags give out and u do this weird ' half squat step'...well i get this at school and people are like..."what the hell was that", maybe its just me but i get this all the time after leg day and just want to see if anyone knows what im talking about.

    well thats it.

  14. Day 6

    Today was the best day so far, diet was nothing shy of 100% and my bi's workout was awesome......it hurt alot and was waaaaaay more volume than im use to, felt full and bigger after this workout so i decided to measure my arms and they were almost 17". With the myotape i could put it on 17, slide my arm in and it would stay on but that wouldnt be a true measurment.
    So, awesome workout. Did cardio afterwards and it was hard dude to extremely sore legs....walking DOWN stairs and hills is the worst though.....i went to watch some wrestling duals today( i use to wreslte) and walked like i had a rusty sword up my ass.....there was a gym full of people so i tried my best not to pull the little ' half squat/lunge' stunt, but to no avail.....it happened about twice so i just tried to play it of all cool.

    i might have that cheat meal tomorrow but it wont be a 'cheat' meal.

    im thinking.....


    i want some chinease but idk the fat content of that stuff.....maybe some hot and sour soup.

    OR just a ton of brown rice and chicken.......

    then again i might not even cheat.

    week 1 almost over.

  15. Day 7

    Week 1 is over!!!!!

    felt so nice to have the day off today....even though i was workoing on school work ALL day.......im one hell of a procrastinator.

    still coming up with some badass recepies to make even canned chicken taste heavenly( or maybe im just adapting)

    Its been great the last few days and tomorrow marks the begining of week 2. Will have a weigh in tomorrow before breakfast and will update that night.

    other than that the food preperation has been keeping me pretty busy......i feel like a chef at night when im making all the food for the next day.......got something cooking everywhere trying to keep up with it all....meh, its kinda fun though.

    oh, and i did have a "cheat meal" tonight if u want to call it that......i had about 2 cups of brown rice and a cinnamon raisin bagel dipped in cool whip FREE(mmmmmmmm) not much fat at all.

    thats it, week 2 here we come!

  16. Day 8

    well the start of week 2.

    Nothing new to really report today.....havent worked out yet......i got chest today but my tri's are still pretty sore, im going to go see if warming them up makes them feel ready.....if so then yeah ill lift, if they are still sore then i wont because i was told not to go overboard. The legs are still killing me, got some comments in team sports today on the way i was running/moving while playing badmitten. Walking down stairs is still a chore.

    if i dont workout i will find some way to hit the chest a little in my tri's workout on thursday.

    oh and weighed in at 222.8 this morning. I am up about a pound scince the start. This is supposed to happen.

  17. Day 9

    I REALLY need to get my ass to a gym, its prolly just me but this freeweight only thing is so damn difficult. Today was backday, it went pretty good actually, until rows and deadlifts were done, then i was trying these lifts i had planned to do in place of the ones listed in my plan and ran into all kinds of trouble. Its still early and i hope i figure it all out soon.

    diet was 100% today.

  18. Day 10

    Well, today isnt near over but ill update now.

    We have school off today and the rest of the week and i have caught up on some much needed sleep.

    today is an off day from training which also feels good.....

    diet has been 100% today and it will remain 100% so no problems there.

    I need to take some pics every week to see my progress.

    tomorrow is thanksgiving and yes i am going to eat up.....its all good though because all the good desserts and stuff my mom made are low fat, and other than dessert thanksgiving food in generally pretty healthy( turkey, potatoes, greens ect ect)

    tri's tomorrow.......i remember liking all wokout days after chest and back because finding lifts is easy......somewhat.

    other than that, i quit my job a week or so ago, f*cking kroger.....going to take a while off from that.

    also ordered some protein from All The Whey...orange and chocolate plus sample of all the flavors, i ran out of substance wpi and am currently using unflavored isolate so i cant wait for some flavors.

    well i gotta go eat.


  19. Day 11

    Im going to go ahead and update now. Today is going to be sort off an 'day off from dieting' meaning im not going to have all of my meals today. Thanksgiving kinda threw me off schedule, i can even go in the kitchen and cook right now because everthing is all hectic in thee right now.

    so my whole food list today will be thanksgiving food, and as i stated in my last post it will be 'good' food, not really a cheat scince its not cheat food material.

    everything else will go as normal though, ill still lift as usual and get right back on track tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  20. IT WONT LET ME UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Uh....huh?
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  22. What do you mean you cna't update?
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  23. when i go to post it says the page connot be found, i try quick reply and it will only let me do short post.

  24. Is it still doing it?
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  25. Day 12

    tried to post earlier today after spending 30 mins typing the damn thing, but page could not be found and went back and message was erased....TWICE

    diet 100% today.....i really do like this diet, its easy.....for now anyways

    routine- im thinking about switching routines as im running into to many brick walls with the limited equipment i have.
    I know my results will be efected but its worth it to me.....again its only a thought, nothing is for sure as of yet.

    if however i do make the switch, when i start driving( jan. sometime) i will get to a gym and switch right back.

    BUT, if i do switch for now, ill make damn sure that everything is folowed to the f*cking " T " i will try the new routine out starting monday and if /when progress comes to a hault, ill either go to Bobo for diet manipulation and if that dont work ill just have to make do and do the existing routine.

    I'll do my research in the meantime on what lifts i can subsitute for oneanother.

    * this is yesterdays update*

    ......guess not, thanks.


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