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  1. I'm just being objective Okay, is this.I'm nto fat, but for a BBer I'm fat. LOL.

    But, I'm nto worried. I'm in good hands and I look forward to the results more than any of you

  2. kwycke are you ordering a pizza in that picture?
    looking big man, you + I = we aren't fat
    we could be leaner but that's a whole different cycle
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  4. LOL............ROFL........... ...BWAHAHAHAHA.

    My b-day was over a month ago, bro. LOL....I thought u knew????

    I'll get better pics. I've got too much fat, but not as much as you'd think looking at that pic.

  5. Update...I think I'm adjusting to the new diet now. Frequency of visiting the john has semi-normalized again, so now taht I'm cleaned out, Im gonna get a good starting weight tomorrow. I KNOW that put me down a few lbs over the past 4 days or so. So, I would be very surprised if I didnt lose any weight.

  6. When I weighed on thursday I was 231, today 234.5

    Things are going along smoothly so far.

    So far, I like his training program, too. It feels good! The diet keeps me from craving junk--dunno why???? And, if you needed a good colon cleansing, wow, will it ever do it lol

    Again, so faar things are going as well as they could be for only a few days.

  7. Okay...I just did Bobo's leg day for the first time, ran out of time b/c I was too busy huffing, puffing, and trying to keep the food/liquids down. Next time, I need to get there about fifteen minutes earlier...

    So, I officially joined the I Hate Bobo Club!

    edit: And, also...I'm gonna watch myself really closely, because I'm starting to feel a bit of recomp...

    Also, I felt very strong today, too. Plenty of energy during the workout--when i wasn't gasping for air.

    I'm getting used to the diet, and still am not craving much junk. From time to time I'll take a bit of candy or something, but nothing like I used to

  8. I'm thinking recomp may be going on. I had vascularity in the gym today that I've not seen before. It was nice I'll weigh in on Monday again...hopefully I've broken 235

  9. Sounds like everything is going well so far. I hope you lose some fat and gain ample amounts of muscle with bobo! Just stay with the program all the way (I doubt you would stop it anyways).

  10. LOL...I'm missin' my junk food and today I've beenhaving an ass of a time eating my meals...

    But, I'll tough it out.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    LOL...I'm missin' my junk food and today I've beenhaving an ass of a time eating my meals...

    But, I'll tough it out.


    This was me just a bit ago
    Gotta have some decent junk food now and then, unless under bobo's whip

    :EDIT: I love the new smilies!

  12. Not that I know of....I haven't given out much info, however....maybe that's why it seems like that???? Gotta keep the secrets....'secret'

  13. There are certain things I don't want discussed in my forum.

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  14. Okay, weighed in today at the end of my workout.....drumroll please........239.5 hehe And! I'm still more vascular than normal. I'll check my waist when I get a few minutes in the morning. My school/work/life schedule just got a bit more hectic.

    Now, I do want to clear on thing up. I usually weight in the same pants, etc, but tonight i had different heavier pants. So they may account for a pound or two. Either way, I'm up in weight....I'll just assume 238 to correct the mistake for my next weight in.

    So, I'm definitely up some lbs....and uh...well....its only been a week

  15. hell, just go ahead and say you gained it all, and be sure to eat a lot for me, i'm still

  16. Quote Originally Posted by dsl
    hell, just go ahead and say you gained it all, and be sure to eat a lot for me, i'm still
    LOL...I think I'm finally full...haha....

    Now, my problem is...lack of sleep. Down at 1:30, up at 6:30....

    I'd rather be conservative about it. Water, pants, etc....I'm not gonna get TOO excited thinking I gained that much weight. I could weigh in next week at the same weight and technically have gained a lb, ya know?

    End result is waht I'm worried about mostly

    Overall....1/8th through the itely kick-started the gains again with the diet!

  17. Keep up the good, work i wiil be very interested in seeing how much lbm you gain, cuz if you become a beast Bobo will be gettin some of my money too. BTW i enjoy the fact that you speak your mind, are not afraid to back it by facts.

  18. Thx...

    I'm surprised, frankly. I was already up about 18-20lbs when I signed up with Bobo. This is actually the single largest gain in weight I've had. Now, I'm up about 24-26lbs. Again...its been one week where I've officially been on his program and half a week where I was trying to learn the program. Well...the log explains it

    Speaking my mind isn't something I "consider", I just can't help myself...its an OCD that if I have "seen" a fact I "have" to speak up...LOL. It actually can be a problem at times

    Probably not so surprising to him...I was eating like **** previously.

  19. first week back at school coupled wtih the fact that every damn store in my city ran out of one of my grocery list items led to a few bad days of eating.

    I was assuming 238ish for the difference in pant weight. I was also highly hydrated then, and the past few days I've not been. I've been rushing off to work and 3 days in a row I forgot my water bottle AND we had no water at work! i work 9hr shifts, too! BUT, despite all that, when I hopped on the scale today I was still either 236 or 237 (forgot??) ish Not to mention I was more vascular than i can EVER remember since I picked up a weight and my strength was still up a good deal.

    I'm confident with a bit of hydration and getting my damn grocery stores stocked up I'll fast be at an all time high in weight But, i do believe the amount of kcals I'm getting (which are pretty damn high, IMHO) are actually close to low enough to cut, I'm pretty much just confused as to what my body is doing right now....getting more vascular and defined at enough kcals to make most people fat...good stuff If the bulking program is doing this for me, i can't wait to use the cutting program....

  20. I had a weigh in today because my diet was on and I stayed fairly hydrated so I figured it would be a more accurate representation of my weight in comparison to last week rather than Monday.... and I was 238 in light pants....light pants is key because the week before I had heavy pants on and I knew they skewed my weight by upwards of a couple pounds. Now I know a more exact weight.

    My vascularity keeps improving, my waist is staying pretty stagnant and my weight is moving on up, so I'm happy

  21. i just got home from the gym and while I was in there I went ahead stripped down a little in the empty spin room (well, just the shirt ) and I was very pleased...very pleased

    Definitely looking bigger and more full, and I wasn't used to seeing pumped arms with veins running down both biceps...its nice! I'm sure I've lost at least a couple lbs of fat since I've been on this diet. bad was I eating before!? If I can get in 4-4.5kcals a day and lose bodyfat, WTF was I doing before!?

    Anyway, i'm stoked...things are going well!

    Actually, my g/f was just telling me the other day how good I was looking (and actually showing her friends and telling them I was going to come and strip for her friends belated bachelorette party--I wish (I've got a good g/f)--so, needless to say, my confidence is definitely up and I'm starting to get used to eating good foods as well as avoiding junk as often as possible. I'm not going to lie, I still binge...Hell, the other day I downed a box of gushers, had chinese food, in n out and I think that was the same day I had some twix ice cream bars...oh, and italian food from johnny carinos.... damn....that's a lot of junk...and that was on top of my normal meals....but, for the most part, just following this diet has got me feeling kick ass! My energy is up, my bodyfat is down, and my strength is I'm happy.

    Beware all junk-food-eaters, it will take some time to get used to this kind of diet, but once you start to adapt, its very much worth it!


  22. Small update:

    Although I haven't been doing flat bb press for a while, I decided to give them a shot for a strength comparison. Before I started, i was getting 5-6 clean reps by myself and 2 more with a little assistance. yestarday, despite not touching the movement for quite a while, I got 8 clean reps with a "tiny" tap on 9. I could have got an easy assisted 10, but the kid spotting me wasn't someone I'd want to subject to a 315lb spot

    Haven't weighed in in a while, but I decided to check my waist this morning. It was 37" dead flat on BOTH my love handles and my mid-abdomen. Which is probably 1/4" smaller in mid-abdomen and up to 1/2" lower on love handles. I've been eating some junk,, when Bobo says lean bulk, he' ain't screwin' around

  23. Now that I think about it, when I get off of this cycle and the bloat goes away, my waist will probably have not grown a damn bit from the beginning This is a good feeling hehe

  24. Just did a few more measurements, and here is what I got:

    Arms, about 17 7/8". I think they may be growing! (+1/8")
    Chest, 49" (maybe still swollen from yestarday?)(+1/2")
    Upper Quad: same 27"
    Lower Quad: 24 1/4" (+1/4)
    Calves: same 17"
    Forearms: 14 7/8" (+1/4-3/8" wow?)
    Waist: 37" mid-ab, 37" love handles (down 1/4" and 1/2" respectively)

  25. Very nice man...

  26. Final update:

    Well, the last two weeks of my program were ****ty, but that had NOTHING to do with the program itself. I got sick, lost my appetite, and basically had a worthless last two weeks.

    So, my conclusions of the program will include the first six weeks.
    - Start weight (day of program): 231 lbs
    - Start waist......................... : >37"

    - End weight (sixth week)........: 239 lbs
    - End waist (sixth week)..........: 37" exactly (a net loss of 1/8-1/4")

    And, at 5'10.5", 8lbs is plenty of volume The numbers speak for themselves...I'll be basing all of my future bulking diets around this one. From time to time I'll definitely be checking in with bobo so we reasses my current situation and adjust kcals from there.

    Simply, the diet works, and it works well. And, honestly, i had those results while still giving in to my sweet tooth. Frequently. Albeit, a bit less than normal, but still had quite a few nights that ended in a box of ice cream bars (yes a whole box). LOL.

    His workout program, I liked, too. Personally, i would change maybe 2-3 lifts TOTAL. So, not only did he design a program I was able to recover well from, but he also nailed most of the lifts.

    A few of my "easy to grow" bodyparts (i.e. chest and shoulders) responded better to a few things that weren't included (and I'm sure he wouldn't mind changing them, I just wanted to give his program the entire 8 (or 6 rather) weeks), but that's no big deal. his program allowed me to make some gains on my "hard to grow" bodyparts. Arms and legs. So, all I have to do is make a few minor exercise substitutions and I've got a lifting routine I love.

    I put about 1/4" on both, maybe close to 1/2" on the quads (mid-lower point, too!!!!!). Now, take this into consideration. I know a lot of people don't realize it, but 1/4" in leg size is MUCH greater gains in muscle that 1/4" in arms size. Volume to surface area ratio is exponentially different, so the greater the volume, the less the surface area increases per unit volume increase. That's why you see guys who start with 12" arms and 22" legs and end up with 22" arms and 28" legs. the volume to surface area ratio.

    AND, this size gain was in 6 weeks with a net loss in bodyfat. And, honestly, i don't put on the inches like I did 2 years ago, so 1/4" is plenty impressive to me. MOST of my size gains over the past 4 months in arm and leg size came over these last 6 weeks. So, I'm happy with that. I will be keeping the arm and leg workout structure the same for the forseeable future

    Hell, despite my getting sick and dropping a good 5+ lbs, I managed to maintain or even grow my arms..LOL. They're about 18" even now, cold and my lower-mid quad is about 24.25-24.5".

  27. kwyck, nice gains and an interesting read. Thanks for posting.


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