Hey guys I know that this has probably already been debated, but I feel like it is an important topic nonetheless.

I recently acquired some BPC 157 along with TB 500.

I'm suffering from multiple muscle overuse injuries along with tennis elbow (not inflammation, but degeneration) along with a achilles tendon issues.

I have no problem injecting the BPC 157, but I have read so many conflicting statements regarding TB 500 and its ability to greatly promote dormant cancer cells, making the cancer go from a dormant state to an active state.
Maybe you guys know anything about the latest science regarding this problem? Is it still not entirely known?

It's super weird because I read about this company (regenerx) that apparently took TB 500 to trial phase 2, and are using it in eyedrops for human beings.

I also found a study here saying that intravenous injection of TB 500 in humans is apparently safe
But the big thing that people are going crazy about is that TB 500 apparently causes angiogenesis, and this mechanism is a huge promoter of
getting dormant cancer cells into an active state, making its grow like crazy in the body, if one were to have these dormant cancer cells in them already.

There has been some cancer running in my family, and although I would love to be free from injuries, I don't want to risk dying over it.

Thus I'm considering just simply freezing down my TB's 500 for now and just going with the BPC 157 for recovery.

Any thoughts guys?

Edit: can't post the links since I'm a new user.