A friend of mine pukes with even moderate training??

  1. A friend of mine pukes with even moderate training??

    Hey everyone, a good friend of mine has puked or nearly puked every time he has ever worked out basically his entire life. I have tried to work through with him possible causes, he has seen doctor's and specialists, all to no avail. Any thoughts about what would be happening physiologically that would cause nausea and vomiting from light to moderate training?

  2. I'm sorry, but this sounds too weird. Does he have inner ear issues, like vertigo or something? Otherwise, it sounds like his overall level of conditioning is just so bad he needs to start somewhere - like fast walking.

    He should also be drinking a lot of water every day, clean up his diet, try to work out at least an hour after eating, hydrate during the workout, and breathe evenly throughout. If he's been to doctors and specialists about it, he probably doesn't have an actual physiological problem - at least not one you're going to discover here.

    Make sure he's not exercising on low blood sugar, and have him take a dramamine or motion sickness pill or two the night before working out. If it's motion sickness, or he's got balance issues, this should help. If it doesn't, he's probably got a bad case of: out-of-shape or *****-itis.

  3. It is a very odd issue indeed. I work with people as fat or fatter than my buddy who never deal with nausea and vomiting.

  4. Anxiety issues a problem for him? Shame no doc has been able to put him on a good course but hoping for the best for him though. No way possible that's fun or healthy on the teeth.
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