time to change!

  1. time to change!

    Hi Guys,

    A few years ago I was extremely unhappy with my physique and how I looked so I started to train and over the course of a year or so got to a position where i felt a lot better with myself.

    I changed jobs, bought my own place and have pretty much stopped going as religiously as i want to.

    Now, to motivate myself (as i have done my fair share of research on training, nutrition and supplements) I have decided to buy myself an 8 weeks worth of AppNuts HGHup and Free Test which i may extended to 12 weeks.

    The problem is, in my line of work i do 2 days (05:30 - 17:30) and then 2 nights (17:30 - 05:30) followed by 4 rest days. The part of my routine i am struggling with is fitting in the dosage without it messing up my body clock. Can i continue to take caps before bed and when i wake up as normal (no matter what time i go to bed, morning or night)?

    Any advise would be great as i want to utlilize the stack to its full potential.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. If you are looking to supp stacks as a motivator and to get you "restarted" in a routine, then I honestly think you need to rethink your goals and what motivates you.
    Not trying to sound like a dick, or maybe I am misinterpreting your post, but find a good program you like, get your training in order (day or night, you will adjust over time) and THEN worry about supplementation.
    Good luck bro

  3. Good post by Wrivest. ^
    Work schedules or not, you are going to have to decide how bad you want to "work" at it.
    I held back reply, but really feel that hard, heavy, regular consistent training on 5-7 compounds will not come from a bottle or the likes.
    If you have never done it, you might be surprised how far you can go, with heavy compound full body work and lots of good food and sleep.
    That will be responsible for 70%-90% of body transformations.
    The problem I see with extra chems/etc. is they are temporary with temp gains. Making reg habits of consistency, determination, focus and hard work, can be life long and quite lasting and healthy to boot.

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