Injured knee - need alternatives

  1. Injured knee - need alternatives

    Hey guys,
    I've injured my knee at the gym doing squats, saw a physio yesterday who said its best i dont do squats until it gets better. what do you recommend would be a better alternative for legs?

    current leg workout is as follows:
    BB Squats - 3x10-12
    Stiff leg deadlifts -3x10-12
    BB lunges - 3x10-12
    Leg Press/hacksquat superset - 3 x 10-12

    as you can see i've focused more on compound exercises for legs as i found they gave me the best workout/results. For some reasons its only the squats (not the hack squats) that i feel pain in my knee, the other exercises are fine.

    recommendations please?

  2. how bout dnt do anything with legs till its better? i dont know how bad the damage was, but youll hate yourself if you work out with an injured knee and hurt it even worse

  3. ^^^


  4. yeah i was thinking that bro, but legs are my most lacking muscle group, last thing i need is for them to be lacking even more! haha

  5. well if you hurt them, theyll be lacking even longer

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper View Post
    well if you hurt them, theyll be lacking even longer
    yeah true, may have to just stick to calf exercises then, thanks for your help man


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