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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    It happens.. real life gets in the way.. trying to not let it
    Yeah it does, especially when bills show up. I hate the real world then.
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  2. Changes seemed to have worked. Dropped down to around 181 today. All systems go for this last week.
    I've noticed a strange thing while losing weight. My waist has shrunk, my upper body has lost a ton of fat, and my legs are actually getting defined. Now the weird thing, I'm the same width at the waste, but a lot thinner front to back. Just a weird random thing that amazes me.

  3. This week was complete and utter ****. I was completely fatigued and felt like I was starving (got to the point I was shaking and dropping things between meals) all week long. I'm pretty sure its just stress - getting blamed for trashing a few million dollars worth of car production will do that for a man. Anyways, kept to the diet and the cardio, but lifted only once. Just too damn tired to move any kind of weight.
    Due to the severe hunger I cracked on my cheat meal and ripped into a quizno's like a hurricane. 2 and a half subs later (1.5 turkey and 1 steak) I finally felt full. Feeling has lasted better part of afternoon now, so hopefully it has done the trick. Feel a lot smaller this week, so I'm guessing I'm still losing, we'll see when I weigh in during the week.

    Question for you Bobo - in circumstances like this week where things just get silly quickly is it best to try and add in some cals to help out. In my case anyways it seems stress kicks my metabolism into high gear. If so, how would I add the extra cals in?

  4. Yes, when life kicks you in the balls just eat

    Best thing to do is try to keep things low fat. That way you can actually get away with eating a lot of food without it causing too many problems.
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  5. Hey Bobo,

    Just thought I'd let you know that I need a new wardrobe. I feel like one of those guys in a late-night diet infomercial. Of course I'm going to keep the weight off, and haven't been photoshopped in anyway
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  6. Update today: Weighed in at 178.5. Looks like the weight loss train just keeps on rolling. Bobo, I've got to hand it to you - this plan sure works!

  7. Couple of more shots, showing the results of the first 8 weeks. I'm happy with these for sure, but expect they would have been better had I not gotten sick.

    Lessons learned:

    Actually take the time you think it will take to recover from illness and add at least another week or two before trying to cut again. I found metabolism did funky not quite right things a little longer than I had anticipated.

    Eating on a schedule - even during weekends really pays off. My wife got sick of me having to interrupt errands etc on Sat. to sit in the car and eat, but hell it sure worked.

    You don't need carbs every meal. Pre/post and one other meal of complex carbs (aside from brocolli and skim milk of course) does the body good.

    When you have a hole in your sock don't keep doing cardio - stop and fix it! You'll end up like me with a raw hole in your foot that will take 2 weeks to heal over from the rubbing.

    When carrying a microwave outside to cook fish so as to not sicken your pregnant wife, hold onto it. They cost lots of $ to replace
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  8. Bye bye flab and hello new waist ! Congrats on your 8 weeks !

  9. Thanks Surfer.

    The fat loss fun just keeps on going. Down to 176.5 today. Thats another 2lbs this week. I'm starting to think I may well end up at 170 or so by the time this month is out. People are acutally noticing the loss which is good. Several people whom I haven't seen in several weeks all asked lately how much weight I've lost and that I've really slimmed down. Pretty damn enouraging, although the one who took me aside and asked if I was sick was touching yet strangely humourous.

    Only negative is that strength seems to be holding steady, but minimal if any gains. May well be a function of missing many workouts two weeks ago. If I'm not 100% consistant lifting each week I tend to regress. Didn't think it should matter all that much, but my body is weird in that way I guess.

  10. Down around 175 today. I'm now officially the lightest I've been in 12 years. Smallest waist size in probably 15 or so years. It never ceases to amaze me how relatively minor changes in diet have made such a dramatic impact.

    Do have a strange question however. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks I'm losing reps on the barbell bench press movements. However, I'm still gaining weight and reps on the dumbell chest movements and haven't lost any strength on other body parts. This would indicate I'm not losing any appreciable amount of muscle. I can't figure out why this would be. It's not like I'm at the levels of a personal best for these, so I can't see it being mental. Anyone have any ideas of comments on this one?

  11. Nice work Mark! Congratulations on your success!

  12. Holding steady around 175-176. This week is a write off training wise - we found out that the new hobby farm we bought is closing on the 19th. Its good news, but about 3 weeks earlier than originally planned. Ahh well, its a good surprise!

    Plan on holding the diet as long as I can this week, but as mentioned training is out of the question. Too much packing, so little time. I figure if I can hold it steady this week, I can start the loss again next week.

  13. Another good log.
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