1. Hst?

    Not sure if there are any threads regarding hst. If so I'm having trouble finding them, if not maybe we should start one.

  2. No? Bad idea?

  3. I can give you info on hst and cluster-hst, what you want to know? I can post a Sample routine if somebody is interstet.

  4. I'd be interested to read up on it
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  5. Ok wait a minute I post it bro

  6. Yea I'm def interested in it. I tried this style workout the other day and it really kicked my a**. I was expecting it to be a breeze but I was wrong lol. I'm still not sure if I have the jist of it yet.

  7. Hst -hypertrophy specific training
    It's based on 4 rules:
    1. Mechanical load
    We all know that a muscle only grows when it gets confronted with resistance. That forces the body to produce hormones by its own.

    2. Frequent load
    We need frequent load to benefit from point 1. All grow factors are gone out the muscle within 36-48hours. So training chest once a week is not enough to benefit often enough from the high hormone levels.

    3. Progressive load
    After some time your muscles adapt to the chosen weight. When this happen, the hormone process that activate hypertrophy will stop.

    4. Strategic deconditioning
    After longer time your body completely adapt to this routine. That's the time for strategic deconditioning. Other word for a small break.

    Out of these base rules comes more specific rules:

    1. The weight has to he increased all the time. No decrease! Never!

    2. If the choosen weight is to heavy, decrease the reps, never the weight.

    3. 3 workouts per week per muscle group. -after 36-48 hours the hypertrophy activation process is over so we get this process as often.as possible.

    4. No training to failure -its a must to avoid failure. Overtraining will be stop.all process.

    5.1-2 sets per exercise
    Another prevention for Overtraining

    6. Always make rest days like you planned it.

    So what does all that mean?
    A classic hst cycle is based in a makrocycle. That cycle goes 6-8 weeks. A makrocycle contains 4-5 mikrocycles. A mikrocycle goes 2 weeks. Other parts of the cycle are: a maximum weight test and the strategic deconditioning.

    Let's see a Sample makrocycle:

    Week 1:
    Maximum power test
    Week 2: strategic deconditioning
    Week 3-4: mikro one, 15reps, increase weight till 15rm
    Week 5-6: mikro two, 10reps, increase weight till 10rm
    Week 7-8: mikro three, 5reps, increase weight till 5rm

    More specific:
    You train like Arnold, whole body 3 times per week. But the volume is actually not more then with a normal split/ program. Complete 20 sets per day. I post a detailed example of a program later, I'm on my Mobil phone

    Power test:
    We take squats as example. In mikro one you will start with 185pounds (just example number to show). Why? Your 15rm (repetition maximum) is 200. In mikro one you start with: 200-15=185. From that you increase the weight every workout by let's say 2,5. After six workouts you are over your 15rm and that's the time for mikro two with 10rm. Weight up, reps down. I post a detailed plan later, that will help to understand it complete. And I post something about cluster-hst. Works even better. Sorry if my English is not perfect I'm German bro
    By the way I got some info about the hatfield-system and gvt (german volume training) if your interestet I can post it too.

  8. By the way its proven by studies that its work

  9. hypertrophy-specific.com

    ^not soliciting their supps, never used them. but there should be a ton of info on the program

  10. I learned it all from a friend of mine, erik dreesen, called bam bam. Take a look at Google pics, he knows what he's talking

  11. Thanks bro. Do you use this method?

  12. Yes a couple of times. Worked pretty good for me. I always liked it that the after some time you looked always some kind of pumped. Bro Google pictures from Erik dreesen, he's a pro. He trained for years in the same gym like me. I found contact through my mother (funny story) and he told me some lessons. He trained 95% of his life hst. Looks like it works

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    Not huge at all, he trained hst and looked much bigger off season.

  14. Dude is a beast. Everything I try to read about is in german though lol.

  15. Yes he don't compete international that much. I'm German, I have some awesome workouts with him. He strongly believes in the hst method.

  16. Well I'm going to give it a full cycle and see what happens

  17. I have a question about the frequency. If I can't workout every other day is this program worth doing?

  18. Yes you can use it with a little bit more rest days (not eod). But maximum between workout days should be 2 days, so you workout every 3 days. But you benefit the most if you workout eod.

  19. Yeah that's what I figured. The job doesn't allow eod so I'll try to make do.

  20. Give it a try bro

  21. I have a question about what happens after im through with the first full cycle. When I start over, how much do I increase the weights?

  22. After the cycle you make another power test. With that numbers you start makro 2. I post a plan today, I was too busy last days. Sorry bro. The plan explain it pretty good. Any more questions, just ask bro I help where I can

  23. Thanks man much appreciated.

  24. HST is good stuff, have to do it right though.

    I did it in Iraq as a basic strength gainer, felt dumb for the first week or so until I got my weights up, but adding 5-10lbs every single workout will get you.

  25. What's crazy to me is the weights are super low right now but the full body workout us kicking my a**. Lol


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