Need links to workouts

  1. Need links to workouts

    I've bee cruising the board for a while and have picked up some good tips so far. I've been lifting for a number of years but have just recently gone from a program that was mostly about all around fitness to purely a strength training program. I've gone from 6'2" 185lbs (vegetarian diet and cardio) to 215lbs (burgers and squats) in just under 4 months and my strength gains have been steadily increasing as I put on more weight. I haven't ever really trained specifically for strength and mass before and I was wondering if anyone had any links to popular powerlifting workouts that would enable me to better structure my training. I'm not as strong as I feel I should be for my weight and I feel like having a set workout would help me continue to see gains in the future. I have been focusing a lot on form and making sure I've been doing everything right in the past few months and I feel like I'm ready to really start pushing myself. If anyone has any workouts that they've used before and liked please feel encouraged to send them my way.

  2. Look into 5/3/1. It pretty much gives you constant progression when it comes to strength gains.

  3. 531 ^^ indeed.

    Solid program and easy to follow. Great starting point.


  4. 5/3/1, 5x5, and if your an experienced lifter, DC training
    shut up and squat!!!

  5. Thanks guys. Any specific sites that do a good job of explaining the workout in depth?

  6. Performax Labs Product Specialist

  7. Jim Wendler's 5/3/1

    It's worth purchasing


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