New guy looking for guidance

  1. New guy looking for guidance

    Hello all.

    I'm 27 yrs old, and have been lifting moderately on and off since high school. I'm about 210 and take no supplements right now. I recently took about 6 months off and just got back n the gym this week. I'm going to be able to lift for 45 mins five days a week. I'm looking for ideas on a stack to pack on as much muscle as possible while keeping my weight in the low 200's
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  2. BTW, my trouble ares are arms and traps.

  3. i would just bulk for a few months and then cut back down ripped to hell.

  4. start off with taking the supplements you always should be on. these include Creatine (your choice of what type u want to take), fish oil, multi, BCAAs.

    Diet and nutrition will be key to what goals you have and want to accomplish
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  5. R1balla nailed it... diet, diet and diet. to many people overlook this so starting it from the beginning will benefit a lot. Only thing i suggest is that if your weight sessions are only going to be 45 mins then make sure your tempo is fast as hell, and make sure to still hit your cardio 3-4 times a week, i prefer morning.



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