shoulders / lats

  1. shoulders / lats

    hey guys, im lookin to switch up my shoulders and lats routine with some new workouts. any suggestions?

  2. Lats:
    weighted pullups
    Old school t-bar rows
    barbell bent over rows
    Lat Pulldown
    1 arm bent over DB row

    upright rows
    Mil press
    DB press
    Lateral raises
    arnold press

    Just try variations.

  3. Try heavy Yates rows for your lats. You can pull a lot more weight than you could in a strict form barbell row, and it makes your lower lats feel like they're on fire.
    Also try Kroc rows if you never have, grab the heaviest dumbbell in the gym and try and set a new rep PR with it every week or so.

  4. I like front DB raises, wide grip upright rows (just started doing to put more stress on outer delts), and cable lateral raises

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