Wassup. I am trying to train for basketball and I have done extensive research on pylometrics, weight lifting, running and agility exercises, and cardio and basketball drills but I need help putting it all together into a structured program. I looked up programs but just couldn't find any or I couldn't understand them.
A lot of people look for height and weight and age.
I am 20 years old and I am 6'0 and 167 pounds. I am not sure what my body fat percentage is but I am sinewy with some fat on my back and around my waist area. So I am not sure if my body fat percentage is high or low.

I want to shed that unwanted fat for aesthetic purposes and for practical purposes for basketball so I plan on doing cardio in the morning.

I want to do Taebo and I was thinking of doing it maybe as a warm-up for my morning sessions and then do HIIT. Does anybody think this is a bad idea or what?

-The reason I chose HIIT in the morning is because I read some threads on AM and on the Internet saying morning cardio is good for fat burning because the body will use energy from the fat reserves. So I figured maybe I will drink a cup of green tea and then I will be good.

But the HIIT may suffice for cardio and the Taebo may be redundant because HIIT is very taxing on the body so I don't know if I should do it. But I really enjoy the Taebo. The taebo is kind of full-body and I feel the burn in my upper body and not on my legs so maybe HIIT is possible. Taebo also doesn't leave me completely pooped but when combined with HIIT I will be pooped.

Then I would like to eat something and then do weight lifting. Right now I didnt make my weight-lifting regimen but it is going to be mainly for power perhaps but I am not completely sure. I picked the possible exercises that will be in my program. But the point is should I follow up the cardio with a meal and weight lifting.

So any opinions on the morning?
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Okay from then on I would like to go to the court and do basketball drills such as shooting, dribbling and other things before people go on the court since it is getting warmer. Does anybody think that the morning workout would effect my performance during practice?

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I would also like to do footwork drills. I have dot drills, ladder drills, and Frappier drills. I will also like to use the jumprope for a couple of things. Where would this fit in?

Running and agility drills are extremely important but I will split them apart on separate days.

I will also like to do pylometrics both for upper body and lower body. They need to be done on fresh legs but with the weight lifting and the running I dont know where to put them in.

I am not saying to make a schedule for me but help give me some ideas. I am in desperate need. I need help with splitting some things for specific days and the times in the day.

My day off I am thinking of doing some boxing things.