PB - My bulking is working

  1. PB - My bulking is working

    Now I appreciate this is pretty weak by you guys' standards but I just finished my Chest & Tricep workout and I've upped my bench from 143lb (65Kg) to 165lb (75Kg) So I'm pretty happy!!

    This is the beginning of week 6 of my bulking - I pushed out 10 x 60Kg, 8 x 65Kg, 5 x 70 Kg and 4 x 75Kg.

    I'm aiming for 3 x 10 @ 75Kg my week 12 (probably a lot to ask but you gotta aim for something)

    Now I know some of you probably warm up with more than that but a guy has to start somewherre

  2. Hey I know you didn't ask for help but I'm a tard so here it is ha. Idk what your workout schedule is like but I gained hella fast on my bench press by doin a ton of push ups. I know that might sound dumb or whatever, but believe me it works. I gained over 100 lbs in 2 months. While I only started at 190 that's still a big gain in 2 months. If you want more info just let me know. If not thats cool I just wanna share my success idk.

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