Grade my workout!

  1. Grade my workout!

    Whats going on everyone! Just thought I would post my workout I have been doing here in Iraq. I lift in the morning before heading into work so it keeps my workout right at about 45-60mins and makes me speed through it. Not much else to do here in good old Iraq besides workout, work and sleep! Let me know what you guys think. Always looking for new tweaks to change it up every few weeks.

    Monday - Chest
    Bench - 8x8x8x6
    -Superset with fly's 8x8x8x6
    Incline Bench 8x8x8x6 (Alternate with dumbells every couple weeks)
    Incline Flys 8x8x8x6
    Decline Bench 8x8x8x6
    Pec Dec 15x15

    Tuesday - Back
    Pullups - 12x12x12xFailure
    Iso Low Row - 10x10x10
    Dumbell Rows - 10x10x10
    Lat Pull Downs - 10x10x10
    Iso High Rows - 10x10x10
    Cable Lawn Mowers - 10x10x10 (Theres probably a fancy name for this but this is what i call them.)

    Wednesday - Legs
    Squat - 10x10x10x10
    Leg Press - 10x10x10x10
    Leg Extenstions - 10x10x10
    Ham Curls - 10x10x10
    Dumbell Lunges - 10x10x10
    (yaya i know no deadlifts... need to start doing them.)

    Thursday - Shoulders
    Smith Machine Shrugs - 15x12x12x12
    Shoulder Press (Usually Dumbbell) 10x10x10
    Front Raises - 10x10x10
    Upright Rows - 10x10x10
    Delt Raises - 10x10x10

    Friday - Triceps
    Skull Crushers 10x10x10x10
    Overhead Dumbell Extensions 10x10x10
    Kickbacks 10x10x10
    Reverse Pull Downs 10x10x10
    Rope Pull Downs 10x10x10

    Saturday - Biceps
    Straight Bar Curls 10x10x10x10
    Hammer Curls 10x10x10
    Incline Curls 10x10x10
    Iso Curls (Utilizing Preacher Bench) 10x10x10
    Cable Curls 10x10x10

    Sunday - REST!

  2. That's a ton of reps... You going to get cut, or big?

  3. That's way, way, way too much volume. With a routine like that, you're absolutely going to fry your central nervous system. It looks like a routine that you'd find in one of those god damned muscle magazines. Any time you exercise, your CNS will be working a lot (go to Google and type in CNS if you want to educate yourself), so when you're working 6 days a week with high volumes, your CNS will be working overtime, and your inevitably going to overwork it. That's not even including out of the gym activity. So think about lowering your overall volume. As far as weight training goes, I wouldn't recommend more than 5 days. 4-5 days is plenty for the majority of people and even then you still have to be conscious about how much you're trying to do. You'd be better off working out once or twice a week as compared to 6 times a week. Less is more.

    First off, you definitely don't need to work triceps and biceps on their own days. Some people like working arms on their own day, but being that you're already giving them a pounding when you work the larger muscle groups, I wouldn't recommend it. You're going to be heavily involving the triceps any time you straighten your arm against resistance (as in all pressing movements) and your biceps are going to do a lot of work any time you draw your hands in towards your body (just about every back exercise). I'd recommend training the triceps after you train chest or shoulders. Or you can do a push day where you work all of the pushing muscle groups: chest, shoulders and triceps. Do some biceps-specific work after your back routine, but not a lot. Most people don't need a lot of direct arm work. A lot of naturally bigger, muscular guys (the mesomorphic types) could probably get away with it because they're naturally more inclined to build muscle anyway, but for most people, this isn't the case. Unless you have great muscle building genetics, keep your arm training to a minimum and you'll get more out of it. Less is usually more when it comes to training volume.

    Also, after warming up, it's generally best to being your routines with compound exercises. That is, exercises involving multiple muscle groups. For instance, you wouldn't want to begin your shoulders routine with machine shrugs.

    I recommend going through article archives and finding legitimate sources for training information. There are plenty of routines already crafted that would serve you well. Most of it boils down to diet anyway. There are literally hundreds of effective training methods out there. The trick is finding what works best for you. But I promise you that if you tried this routine, it would come back to bite you in the ass.

    I'm kind of in a rush at the moment, otherwise I'd try to help you more. Wait for others to add their input. In the meantime, do some reading and educate yourself. I know a little, sure, but I still have to continue the education process on a consistent basis. The guys and gals on this form who know a LOT have done a LOT of reading and studying. You gain a lot with personal experience, but you still have to educate yourself.


  4. Mainly just going for lean size. Type o Hero I guess I kind of deserved that bashing for not providing any info about myself. I have been training on and off for a good 7 years now. All of my routine comes more from personal experience and a lot less from reading. I stay away from most routines that come out in magazines and such. I have worked this routine for probably the past 4 months and have put on 15 pounds of lean muscle with it. My diet cannot be much cleaner consisting of tuna, chicken, brown rice, eggs, and fruit. I'm not a muscular guy naturally but I tend to build muscle very easily. A couple weeks into the gym after taking a break due to not being able to train I size right back up. I'm not knocking anything you said and will take down your information and try it. Just wanted to give a little background. I mainly go high volume because it seems to take more to get my muscles to break down. I was always taught if your not sore the next day you didn't break the muscle down enough. Thoughts? How much of the volume would you suggest dropping?

  5. What I would do is put your tri workout with your shoulder day and bicep with back day. Do Shoulders/Triceps

    This way you can do deadlifts to start your back day and be rested enough for good squats
    I also wouldn't superset your first lift on chest day maybe do
    Decline Bench
    Incline DB Bench
    Maybe superset the flyes with db bench if you really wanna superset
    I also think sets of 4 suck.
    Good luck.



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