Looking for Olympic Strength routine...

  1. Looking for Olympic Strength routine...

    I posted something similar like this before, but now the focus is on Olympic Lifts, strength. Right now, im pretty solid on the Clean variations. Need more work on Snatchs (and overhead squats, how the ****...)

    Someone people mentioned Cathletics WoD, but their workouts seem short, and I dont like how they dont do many supplemental Oly lifts. I've done Bill Starr powerlifting program for a good amount of months before I joined the Corps, and my strength gains were amazing.

    Im wondering if I can find a good Oly Lifting strength program/routine...

  2. You can check out the Mike's Gym WODs as well. Mike Burgener is one of the top oly coaches in the country and runs one of the USA regional weightlifting centers. Are you looking for powerlifter strength or are you looking for oly lifter strength?

    Here is a sample week of part of a strength cycle I did while oly training. During that time, my goals were purely to become stronger in the oly lifts so everything was designed around improving the snatch and c&j.


    •Back squat - 85% x 3reps x 5sets
    •Clean deadlift - 115% x 3 x 3
    •Push press - 83% x 5 x 5
    •Bent row - test max; 77% x 8 x 3
    •Weighted GHD sit-ups - 3sets x 6reps


    •Mid-hang muscle snatch - 62% x 3 x 3
    •2-position snatch (floor, mid-thigh) - 60% x 4 sets
    -Short, heavy metcon for conditioning


    •Front squat - 75% x 3, 81% x 1, 77% x 3, 80% x 1, 79% x 3
    •Snatch pull - 103% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
    •Rack jerk - heavy single; 90% x 1, 85% x 1 x 2




    •Power clean - 75% x 2 x 3
    •Overhead squat - heavy single - 80% x 2 x 2


    •Snatch - heavy single
    •Clean & jerk - heavy single
    •Front squat - heavy single
    •Ab work of choice

    Hope theirs something helpful in there! If you want to design your own program, just clean, jerk, snatch, front squat, and high bar back squat until you identify your weakest link and then add accessory work for the specifics.

  3. Appreciate it. Yeah, right now im just doing my own thing, focusing on Snatches one week, and Cleans another. Adding in all supplemental exercises needed and such. Will end up refining it once I get my strength higher and perfect form. Im also using somewhat high reps, usually 8 for supplemental lifts. I always start ramping weight, for one set of 20 reps of Squat Cleans or Snatches...

  4. High(er) rep o'lifts are brutal! More power to ya' bro'. Absolutely awsome for metabolic conditioning work!

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