Full body workout VS. Isolated muscle groups

  1. Full body workout VS. Isolated muscle groups

    6 weeks into first cycle (bulking stack) right now and have found the urge after doing one muscle group for an hour or so to continue the work out with other muscle groups even longer. I obviously love the look of having all muscles pumped up as oppose to just chest and tri or legs etc. So what is everyones opinion on full body workouts as oppose to isolated groups. Should i just be working out everything non stop? Cause I definitely have the stamina lately and wanna be sure to get the most out of my cycle

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    There's certainly nothing wrong with doing a full body workout as your main training program, it can certainly lead to big changes in body composition if your diet and recovery is on point and you base the program around the BIG exercises e.g. squat, deadlift, clean and press, bench (flat or incline), pullups, barbell rows and military press.

    Try it for a few weeks and then cycle off it back onto a split program. I prefer total body workouts during a cut as they tend to burn more calories (from the effort of the lifting) but you could easily bulk on it.

  3. Would I still be able to workout 5 times a week if I did full body?

  4. i think u cud do 3-4 days, ive done full body for about the last 6 months swtichn up reps ,sets, exercises, tempo, etc.

    do every other day , i do one day heavy (5-8 reps), then medium(10 reps) and light (12-15 reps) only going to failure on heavy days

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