Need a new workout HELP!!!

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    Need a new workout HELP!!!

    Ok so i am a 39 year old seasoned lifter, 6'2.5" 210lbs. I just ran a 5x5 for a month but stress kept me fro eating rnough so i want to switch up for a month or 2 and do another one. The problem I am having is determining recovery time and sets.
    The lift I am doing now
    Chest 10-12 sets twice a week Mon and Fri.
    Tri's 9 sets Mon and Fri
    Back 12 sets Tue and Sat
    Bi's 9 sets Tue and Sat.
    Shoulders and Traps Wed 15 sats
    Legs 12-15 sets Thur
    I am benching at just under 300 for working reps
    Deadlift at 405 for working sets
    Squat 315 at peak sets
    I enjoy lifting six days a week but i know i am overdoing it. I have read and read some more on different lifts but its hard to break a rut but I know that my body ain't bouncin like I'm 25 either. I am looking for some confident feedback.......

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    Are you feeling more lethargic, lower libido or any other depression like symptoms? I say if you like training 6 days a week at high volume, just take a week every 4-6 weeks where you cut the volume way down and work on speed and form with lighter weights. Should let the CNS recover and keep the overtraining to a minimum.

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