P90X and........

  1. P90X and........

    I goto the gym on a regular basis.....4 days a week, rarely 5. As you can say that maybe I hit a plateau. I just bought P90X, and I was wondering how I could fit this in with my regular gym days, since I dont want to stop going to the gym.....Thanks....advice appreciated!!!

  2. well, you could go through it once and then on the days you lift certain parts, you could do the same lifts but at the gym.

    I also am using P90X right now, but I work out at home and its something i am using to get "back into the swing of things". Plus, the wife is doing it with me.

  3. I say you replace 1 or 2 of your reg. gym days with P90X

    A friend of mine has been doing that for 3 weeks and he is definetly seeing results.

  4. I think the P90X plus the gym will lead to overtraining. It is a tough program and then to put that on top of an intense gym program could hammer your testosterone and immunity if you're not careful.

  5. What if I did something like this:

    Sunday: Chest and triceps/Cardio (gym)
    Monday: Back and Biceps/Ab ripper (P90X)
    Tuesday: Kenpo X(P90X)
    Wednesday: Shoulders/Cardio (gym)
    Thursday: CardioX/StretchX (P90X)
    Friday: Ab ripper/Legs and Back (P90X)
    Saturday: Off/Rest

  6. i would have two days of rest bro. And sleep as much as you can... this will be tough...

  7. i would actually go through each dvd atleast once, so you get the idea of it and then design your program around it. they are pretty intense workouts. i think they really go after hypertrophy.


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