P90x... Gonna get my ass kicked

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  1. Shai An, any updates? I hope things are going good.

    Manimalia, I'm thinking about starting P90X again during or after PCT - I'm on a cycle now.

    BoSox36, you could replace the P90X weight lifting days with regular days at the gym. I don't know if you'd get the same results - P90X is intense. Whatever you do, and especially if you double up, don't cut into your diet too much - you'll only fatigue and start getting sick.

    My favorite routine is Plyometrics - it feels like the best workout for me because it completely breaks the monotony of lifting weights.

  2. AB ripper X will F*%k ur day up man...i can only do about 10 reps of each while maintain g constant sets like they do in the vid. Its HARD WORK!

  3. Last night I watched a little bit of p90x+ for the first time, just to see what it is all about. Yeah the workouts look challenging (what with the slow constant no stop tempo and all), but all I could think about was how much I hate that guy.

    I just wanted to punch him in the face.... So instead I watch Enter the Kettlebell!: Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen.

    They guy in that was cool. He wasnt wearing spandex, and he didn't call his bicep a nugget, and he called me comrade at the beginning of each clip.

  4. yea he is a bit of a tool bag, however most of the video instructors are.
  5. vadox6466
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    i am p90fat. wut shud i do?

  6. P90X is a good boot camp type program. It exposes you to enough things and gets you to a decent well-rounded fitness point where you can decide what to do for yourself after. I lost 30 lbs on P90X, went from 0 to about 12 chin-ups, about 20 or so push-ups to 100+. It's not great for bulking, but you can get some strength and a good core fitness level that will help you with other things for sure. Good luck! Just stick with it and you'll see results.

  7. It's not a joke--P90 is for real. I thought i was in shape till i started P90...talk about a slap in the face.

  8. I only do the stretching on my off days, and its starting to seem pretty lame. The good news is I can almost remember the whole routine so I won't have to watch/listen to him anymore. But I haven't bothered with the rest yet.

  9. ya p90x is tough, But uncle tony and the kids will get you goin.

    "leave your ego at the door!"
    ab ripper x is serious this program will give you tons of energy.


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