P90x... Gonna get my ass kicked

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  1. MMAMONSTER, you'd have to have a "base" already to get 'ripped' from this program. Mostly, this program is geared towards weight loss, athleticism (bigtime), toning, and a bit of strength (mostly in the pullups).

    My one and only beef with this program is that there is not one thing that hits the legs heavily whatsoever. The whole time I did leg day, I wanted to be doing some weighted squats/stiff deadlifts/good mornings/something!

  2. Would it be too much to use the p90x at home and then goto the gym and do your regular routine?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BoSox36 View Post
    Would it be too much to use the p90x at home and then goto the gym and do your regular routine?
    I would only consider doing so if going to the gym and lifting in the heavy rep range of 1-5 FIRST and then doing the P90X at least four hours later while working the same body parts. You better be eating a lot, too.

  4. Yes I would do the same muscle group on the same day. I was maybe thinking of doing the p90x before i goto the gym, and then doing my routine. I usually do lift heavy.

  5. I am on day 46 or 47 of P90X. Definately a good program. You pretty much need to commit your life to it for 90 days though...the workouts are relatively long and every day.

    Also, as mentioned above, if you follow the meal plan be prepared to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and a lot of money on groceries.

    With that said, in 46 days I've lost about 15lbs on the scale (about 18lbs - 20lbs of fat) My strength has increased a fair bit and my overall athleticism has increase dramatically. There are a number of things in the program that I would just never have done before (read: yoga..but also a full workout of plyometrics) but am now converted. I still hate yoga but really do enjoy what it does for me.

  6. Shai An, any updates? I hope things are going good.

    Manimalia, I'm thinking about starting P90X again during or after PCT - I'm on a cycle now.

    BoSox36, you could replace the P90X weight lifting days with regular days at the gym. I don't know if you'd get the same results - P90X is intense. Whatever you do, and especially if you double up, don't cut into your diet too much - you'll only fatigue and start getting sick.

    My favorite routine is Plyometrics - it feels like the best workout for me because it completely breaks the monotony of lifting weights.

  7. AB ripper X will F*%k ur day up man...i can only do about 10 reps of each while maintain g constant sets like they do in the vid. Its HARD WORK!

  8. Last night I watched a little bit of p90x+ for the first time, just to see what it is all about. Yeah the workouts look challenging (what with the slow constant no stop tempo and all), but all I could think about was how much I hate that guy.

    I just wanted to punch him in the face.... So instead I watch Enter the Kettlebell!: Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen.

    They guy in that was cool. He wasnt wearing spandex, and he didn't call his bicep a nugget, and he called me comrade at the beginning of each clip.

  9. yea he is a bit of a tool bag, however most of the video instructors are.
  10. vadox6466
    vadox6466's Avatar

    i am p90fat. wut shud i do?

  11. P90X is a good boot camp type program. It exposes you to enough things and gets you to a decent well-rounded fitness point where you can decide what to do for yourself after. I lost 30 lbs on P90X, went from 0 to about 12 chin-ups, about 20 or so push-ups to 100+. It's not great for bulking, but you can get some strength and a good core fitness level that will help you with other things for sure. Good luck! Just stick with it and you'll see results.

  12. It's not a joke--P90 is for real. I thought i was in shape till i started P90...talk about a slap in the face.

  13. I only do the stretching on my off days, and its starting to seem pretty lame. The good news is I can almost remember the whole routine so I won't have to watch/listen to him anymore. But I haven't bothered with the rest yet.

  14. ya p90x is tough, But uncle tony and the kids will get you goin.

    "leave your ego at the door!"
    ab ripper x is serious this program will give you tons of energy.


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