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    Hey guys,

    I was talking to a guy that I know about my supps that I am taking now.. He recommended that I change it up after I am done with what I have now.. He knows a lot and since I started listening to him I have had a huge change in growth...

    Cellucor M5
    Whey Protein
    Optimum BCAA 5000
    Megaman sport
    Omega 3

    What he said I should take:

    MHP Trac Extreme-NO
    Higher Power DHEA, 100mg/100 Capsules
    Optimum BCAA 5000
    MRI Pro-NOS
    Optimum 100% Whey Protein
    Megaman Sport
    Omega 3

    What do you guys think about the Pro-Nos and MHP Trac?

    My goals are to lose body fat while increasing muscle mass and definition.

    5' 10 3/4"
    10% BF

  2. I'd look into White FLOOD/Purple WRAATH stack. But EAAs, creatine, multi, protein and a preworkout boost if you need it should all be staples. Find some you like and stick with them, they honestly don't have to be changed, since they're essentially the same products only different brands.

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  3. But is everything I have listed good? I think I am going to order it soon so I can cycle off for a week before I start... Think I will start new supps 2nd week of July...

  4. i tried samples of trac. didnt do much for me. but thats just me. Pro nos was great tasting though. its fairly pricey as well

  5. I decided to stay with the M5...

    Now some of my friends that I lift with say that I should NOT be taking Androbolix or DHEA.. (because I am only 21 and shouldn't need it). They also said that I should get rid of pro nos since I am taking 100% whey.. What do you guys think?

    I spent a lot of money on this stuff (over 260)... I just want to know if I am waisting my money or not...

  6. Tried Pro-Nos and it tasted great, then I read the ingredients and confirmed what I thought. If you want to "lose fat" I'd ditch the Pro-Nos and stick with the ON whey, it's solid and less costly. All the Whey and True Protein are way cool too if you wanna make your own. I had okay results with the Trac, but I had great results with MRI's Black Powder and Super Pump 250. The first didn't "stim me up" as much as the second. Super Pump had the worst taste of the 2, but I didn't buy it for the taste. Sciavation Extend is great for all your bcaa's. Beta-Alanine is a great choice too. Best O' luck!!

  7. Thanks for the info on Pro-Nos.. that goes back ASAP... But what about Androbolix? I had to edit what I said.. My friends are telling me NOT to take it anymore... I don't want to fight with them just because this will save me 80 dollars which I could really use...


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