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  1. Its incredible how bull headed some people can be.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    If you read my earlier posts in this thread..i personally recommend inexpensive fish oil .....rather than this ..thats for sure. That way ..the body can self regulate.
    The fish oil theory is bogus, as we have already established. Commercial fish oil capsules have had all the phospholipid content removed to maximize the omega-3 DHA/EPA content. You will not get the same phopholipid content from fish oil (even unrefined fish oil) and there is no research to support that fish oil provides the same benefits as PS supplementation.

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Why cant you give straight answers Eric ...RE: tests etc ? Tests on YOUR product specifically?
    Again, we use the exact same dose (and brand) of PS and Alpha-GPC used in the published studies that demonstrate the benefits. It practically is our product!

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Also straight answers RE: what are "therapeutic" levels of a hormone our body adjusts levels of regularly to control vital bodily functions?
    20-30 ug/dl would be considered the lower level of a healthy range of cortisol (enough for glucose management and anti-inflammatory effects), while 80-90 ug/dl would be indicative of high cortisol from excessive physical or mental stress or insufficient nutrition.

    PS prevents this unnecessary spike in cortisol to the higher levels which would otherwise catabolize muscle and testicular tissue. This is not something you want if your goal is to support the highest possible level of protein retention and testosterone production.

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Honestly the 20 min spike of the placebo group are REALLY going to say thats detrimental ? *L* are you serious?
    Yes, that is what Im saying. That spike in cortisol is unnecessary and detrimental to recovery and muscle growth. If the body has sufficient phospholipid (PS) concentration in the body, then it prevents this over- compensatory cortisol spike.

    I say the spike in cortisol was unnecessary because the individuals in the PS group did not have adverse performance as a result of lack of cortisol (eg, glucose levels) nor did they have any negative side-effects.

    Again, the only "vital" or "good" function of elevated cortisol during exercise is to increase blood glucose levels by breaking down muscle proteins -- aka the flight or fight response from running from a bear and needing a quick energy source. However, most bodybuilders and athletes have plenty of energy for exersize and glucose available in the liver, where the rise in cortisol is not needed and is only detrimental to overall performance.

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Especially given the other effects cortisol exerts on the body ...not only wont it make a damn bit of diff re: recovery will benefit in other areas.
    Actually, it does make a damn difference. Preventing the spike in cortisol decreases recovery time and muscle soreness, allowing an athlete to perform better.

    Here are several reffs -

    [Annual Meeting Abstracts]
    Fahey, T. D.; Pearl, M.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    How many times do i need to post the info on cortisol and what it TRULY does ???
    You dont need too. I think you've repeated every opinion you've made on this thread over a dozen times.

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Funny thing is we've been focusing on this (cortisol) so much its become easy to skip over the minimal increase in test and how that wont do a damn thing either!
    Minimal or not, any natural bodybuilder or athlete is going to benefit from improving their testosterone to cortisol ratio. (Just check out the above references... and read a bit about GH, T and cortisol)

    If you believe the contrary you've got quite a case to prove.

    (FYI, you should start posting reffs and studies that show the testosterone to cortisol ratio "wont do a damn thing" in athletes and bodybuilders because the ranting and ramble has gotten you about as far as its going to)

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Also the GH claims which are ridiculous as well.
    Nope, they are quite real. I suggest you read this study -

    Acute supplementation with alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine augments growth hormone response to and peak force production during resistance exercise
    Ziegenfuss et al.
    J Int Soc Sports Nutr, Jun 2008 5(Suppl 1): P15

    BTW, if you want to see the full text I can post it up. Also, if you have conspiracy theory's about a researchers being paid off to publish false information please post references to support your comments.

    Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    My goodness all 3 factors you claim in this product are beneficial - are essentially useless and meaningless for our (or anyones for that matter) purposes !
    You have provided zero references for your theories and negative comments.

    EndoAmp Max will do exactly what we claim it does. It will improve the testosterone to cortisol ratio, improve recovery, and allow an athlete to perform at a higher threshold. Weve provided over a dozen reffs to directly support these claims, and about 40 other secondary reps to back them up the general thesis.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    ps is believed to facilitate the repair of the cortisol receptors in hypothalamus, because of this it is useful in correcting high or low cortisol levels, it is also useful in preventing short term memory loss. just google cortisol and a ton of stuff comes up-and ps is mentioned in many. eric i have a question-why didn't you use td delivery as research says it is more effective.
    Ive never seen research with PS being used in a topical to show its any better than oral. Besides, the research with oral PS is solid… so no need to change what isn’t broken.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    then what is your solution to someone who takes PH's for bodybuilding purposes?
    to not worry about cortisol?...if it returns to 'normal baseline' then why worry? right?
    When you are on cycle, cortisol is heavily antagonized (blocked) at the receptor, so it doesn’t have a chance to elicit its catabolic effects. This is one of the main methods by which AAS promote muscle growth and strength.

    So part of the theory of having “cortisol management” for PCT (eg, EndoAmp) is to minimize cortisol's catabolic effect and maintain the anabolic environment.

    Plus, cortisol can also have damaging effects to testicular tissue, which can make recovery of natural testosterone very difficult. Preventing testicular breakdown is another method by which PS can support testosterone production and further support the anabolic environment.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by KgTomCat View Post
    so it improves muscle soreness and well being...does this mean they broke down more muscle? hence the soreness or they lifted more because they were in a better mindset? or both?
    It means the PS had lower cortisol, less catabolism and more amino acids available for recovery.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    Cortisol is managed ..naturally within our body good diet, pwo nutrition , and nartural body processes, artificially mess with a hormone that has vital beneficial benefits is foolish ...esp when a 20 min increase in it PWO is not only not detrimental..its prob necessary as state for bp mangement , effects on insulin, and more..... THATS what i said....
    Yes, good diet, post workout nutrition and rest are all good ways to naturally manage cortisol.

    But don’t forget, EndoAmp Max is a dietary supplement… meaning it contains natural dietary nutrients to supplement the diet.

    It is no more “messing with a vital hormone” is than eating a nutrient rich meal, or taking a nap, but it can provide an additive benefit to those basic fundamental practices.


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  8. Where can I get endoamp

  9. Quote Originally Posted by fezteh View Post
    Where can I get endoamp
    You probably can't anymore PP is No longer in the game. Check out reduced xt for cortisol control
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  10. Re: The #1 Cortisol Blocker

    Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    You probably can't anymore PP is No longer in the game. Check out reduced xt for cortisol control
    Do it! Or else

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  11. The OP is the biggest load of pseudo-science I've ever seen. Brb extrapolating transdermal-specific effects to all cortisol control products!

  12. Ok thx


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