Lipo 6 or lipo 6x

  1. Lipo 6 or lipo 6x

    Which works better and do they even work

  2. Lipo 6x looks better. Yes they do work as fat burners, however they both contain gugglesterones, which although keep the thyroid working over time, they have been linked to increasing activity at bad hormone receptors and decraesing it at the goods ones, so to speak.

    I think there are better options. Leviathan, Hot Rox, DCP, Lean Xtreme, all of these are awesome.

  3. I was able to drop 20lb with lipo6x, looking back I think I would have had better results with LR/DCP.
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  4. 6X works pretty good for me when I'm cutting. However the capsules seem to leak in the bottle and they make you feel a lil jittery.

  5. my friend took Lipo 6x and lost 12lbs off one bottle

  6. I had minimum results if any on Lipo6x, and haven't tried Lipo6. I had better results with VPX Meltdown than 6x. And Meltdown didn't even seem to give me energy at all.

  7. i hear theyre coming out with a new version, Lipo 6 BLACK

  8. lipo6 is good stuff, havent tried the x but i like the original

  9. I have done a couple stacks lately, one was DCP/LR and I am currently on Lipo 6/Ephidrine stack.

    I will say that in the past, Lipo 6 has always been a solid fat burner for me. I expected more from my DCP/LR stack, but only lost about 5 lbs. The results were alright for a 7 week cycle, but I expected more. In all fairness, it was the holiday season and I did divert from my diet to do the typical holiday gourging! The one downfall I found with DCP/LR was that my apetite was through the roof.

    With being on Lipo 6/E for 2 and a half weeks, I have already lost 6 lbs and counting. The appetite suppression I am getting from this stack is huge! I have to remind myself it is time to eat, where before, I was always hungry. I respond pretty well with stimulants, which is the reason I add Ephidrine to the mix. The main downfall is a crash after the stack wears off...

    Lipo/E is my favorite combination and I have tried multiple before. I will be a loyal Lipo 6 user just due to the fact that it always has worked for me in the past...


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