Can i run this with Turkesterone?

  1. Can i run this with Turkesterone?

    can i run

    Turkesterone(4grams per day read all the post about these and logs)
    sesamin oil
    multi vitamins(forgot which one i order on the site)

    Can i run this all together

    trying to cut will this work ? am i missing anything or anything you think i should add ?

  2. It's looks fine to me, but others will chime in.

    Sesamin will help with thermogenics. Lipo6 is all about that. A multi is necessary. Turkesterone should help maintain muscle and possibly increase strength.

    So, what I pretty much got out of your post was, you wanna burn fat, but also maintain/build a tad bit of mass and gain some strength. You should be good to go. None of those really counteract one another. You can burn all the fat you want, but just be sure to do something to preserve your mass gains.

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