ECA Stack Only on Cardio Days?

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    ECA Stack Only on Cardio Days?

    Day 1 - Chest and Back (8 Sets Each)
    Day 2 - Cardio and Light Legs (25mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffine, 30min before)
    Day 3 - Shoulders and Traps (8 sets for Delts, 6 Sets for Traps
    Day 4 - Superset Bi's and Tri's (6 Sets Each)
    Day 5 - Cardio (25mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffine, 30min before)
    Day 6 - Repeat day 1

    I will do this on a lean bulking diet and will use Gaspari Nutrition's SizeOn on workout days. Do you guys think it is ok to take SizeOn during my workout on Day 2 along with EC? I am hoping to gain mass on this plan as well as completely keep bodyfat away from my stomach. Also, would it be bad to continually take EC twice every 5 days for a long period of time?

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    not sure bout size on, never taken it or looked into it but I use to dose EC with my creatine and NO supplements and took it everyday .. my last dose of EC was 3pm and i didnt workout til 5 or 6 anyways so.. i think i had a good enough split time.. i lose weight and kept size so ..

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