Tight / In-rage

  1. Tight / In-rage

    Got a few goodies today in the mail tight, in-rage, tranquili-g, so I decided to try out Tight and In-rage. Took 2 snorts of In-rage and 1 capsule of tight. About 40 minutes later, I had an excellent rush going, nice and focused energy with a slight bit of "rage" brewing, no head fog like I usually get with ephedrine. All in all, this will make a great pre-workout combo for me. 1 note about in-rage....jesus, dont let this stuff run down the back of your throat. Maybe I am just a ***** but I dry heaved a couple times LOL... All in all though, the 5aa intranasal is a nice product from what I have seen thus far. I will have to try it alone without the tight. Oh, and for the record... yes, I did purchase 2 avant labs products lol...


  2. Whats this inrage stuff? Sounds like its right up my alley

  3. In-rage is a intranasal pre-workout stimulant from Avant Labs.
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  4. It never made production out of beta stages unfortunately because of the whole FDA thing, but the betas are available at 1fast400.com ... $10 bucks...good deal


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