1ad/4ad Cycle So Far

  1. 1ad/4ad Cycle So Far

    Hey guys im 5 days into my cycle and ive gained a good 4 pounds (i weigh myself every morning). I do feel a little bloated and have more energy in the gym. I havent had any strength increase yet and i feel as though the 1-AD i am taking @ 400mg which expired in APril 2007 isnt working as well as i had hoped. As for the transdermal I am applying it to my inner arms and tops of feet. 8 Squirts a day (8ml) is the 4-ad dose which is around 500 mg transdermal. I hope this 1-AD is still potent but i feel like it is not. I do not have any acne and my libido is still very good. Opinions?

    Also my doses are as follows:

    10am --- 1ad and 4ad
    3pm --- 1ad
    8pm ---- 1ad and 4ad
    12am --- 1-ad (havent had any sleeping problems)

    400mg of 1-ad for 30 days
    Estimated 500mg of transdermal LGP 4AD for 30 days

  2. 4lbs in 5 days and it's not working well? Just curious, how old are you?

  3. I'm sure the 4 pounds is water weight from 4ad. It causes major bloat. I baloon up like a fat pig on 4ad!. As far as you 1AD expire date I wouldn't worry about that. It takes a while to kick in and should still be just as good.

  4. haha i obvisouly forgot to put that i believe the 4 pounds is water weight. Im only doing this for 30 days so I hope i start seeing good results after the 10 day mark. I'm eating about 4,500 calories a day. Im looking to go from 225-235 while maintaining say body fat percent. Im 6'4" btw, so you guys dont think im a fat ass or massively huge haha.

  5. 30 days is not nearly long enough for a stack like that. It will just be starting to really kick in after 2 weeks....

  6. uhh ****... That was all i had available

  7. Well then I guess that will just have to do.

  8. If i wanted to i could get another bottle of 1-ad and extend the cycle to 35 days and up the dosage to 500mg.. IT would cost another 80 bucks though.. Do u think its worth it?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Eagleman003 View Post
    If i wanted to i could get another bottle of 1-ad and extend the cycle to 35 days and up the dosage to 500mg.. IT would cost another 80 bucks though.. Do u think its worth it?

    Hell yeah!

  10. Ok guys I need a little help... I want to extend my 30 day cycle of 1ad/4ad to around 37-40 days. The problem is I dont have any more transdermal 4-ad OR Ergopharm 1-ad. However, I do have a reliable source that has something legal i guess in Canada called Testoplex 1 and 2. He sent me the following information:

    TESTOPLEX1 90 tabs If Lean Mass and Strength gains are what your
    after then the TESTOPLEX STACK is your
    answer. TESTOPLEX 1 combines two of the newest
    most powerful prohormones available.
    1-androstene-3beta, 17 beta-diol and
    4-androstenediol ethylcarbonate ester.
    These two ingredients are powerful testosterone
    boosters that will supercharge your energy
    levels. Take the TESTOPLEX STACK and blow
    through your workouts with the intensity of a
    freight train, lifting weights you never thought
    possible. If your looking to gain 5 lbs, 10 lbs or
    even 20 lbs of lean muscle the TESTOPLEX
    STACK combined with increased protein and
    caloric intake can make it happen. Don't sell
    yourself short, take the TESTOPLEX STACK and
    get the most out of your workouts.
    3 tabs contain :
    1-androstene-3beta, 17 beta-diol 75mg
    4-androstenediol ethylcarbonate ester 75mg

    TESTOPLEX2 90 tabs
    TESTOPLEX 2 is designed to give you mass
    and strength as well as a huge energy spike
    for your workouts. Combining TESTOPLEX 1
    with TESTOPLEX 2 will promote a
    tremendous amount of quality lean muscle
    growth that will not disapear after you stop
    taking the product. By combining
    4-androstene-3,17 diol with
    19-nor-4-androstene-3,17 diol, you are
    getting conversion to both testosterone, as
    well as nandrolone. These are 2 of the
    strongest muscle building hormones in the
    body. TESTOPLEX 2 is designed to work in
    synergy with TESTOPLEX 1 and keep your
    body in a continues anabolic state of
    muscle growth. Use this super potent stack
    to blow through any strength or weight
    plateau and finally get the results you

    3 tabs contain :
    4-androstene-3, 17 diol 100mg
    19-nor-4-androstene-3, 17 diol 100mg

    The tried to google a lot of the hormone chemical names and some information came up for some and for the others it didn't. I dont want to take one of these products just to "taper down" and off my cycle. I rather take one of these 90 cap bottles and use it for a 7-10 day period and get more results from my cycle. Can I get some thoughts and opinions? It seems like Testoplex-1 is 1-AD and Testoplex 4 is 4-AD. Also i need help asap cause it takes a good amount of time to ship from canada to me. Thanks!

  11. I think we have the same source. I bought all the rest of this dudes 1-ad in Montreal, same expiration date and he sent me the same info on the testoplex. I'm starting my 1-ad in a few wks, I have 5 bottles 1-ad, 2 11oxo, and 6oxo extreme. The stats on the testoplex didin't get me very excited.

  12. Just a suggestion, but I'd say forget about the whole testoplex stuff from Canada. There is stuff here like Epistane, 11 OXO, etc that there's no need to risk having stuff seized.
  13. Question 1-ad, 11 oxo, 6oxo extreme

    I live in Canada. I have 300caps of ergopharm 1-ad, a couple of bottles of 11oxo and 6 oxo extreme in my possesion. What is the best way to stack these? dosing and duration? I'm 29, male, 229lbs. When I was lean and in good condition 2.5 yrs ago, I was 204lbs. I'm in pretty good condition now, strength and stamina, i'm just carrying a lot of extra bf, especially on my gut.

  14. well for a cycle you wont need 5 bottles of 1-ad thats for sure lol

  15. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Just a suggestion, but I'd say forget about the whole testoplex stuff from Canada. There is stuff here like Epistane, 11 OXO, etc that there's no need to risk having stuff seized.
    Yea, but I want something that I can add to my 1ad/4ad cycle. 11-OXO doesn't seem like a good option unless I am mistaken. Testoplex consists of 1-AD and 4-AD which are the same compounds I am taking now. Although they have some other chemical names I am not familiar with in their ingredients; can someone confirm that they are indeed 1-AD and 4-AD and will cause no problems if i add then to weeks 4 adn 5 of my cycle. Thanks

    Also would these new compounds need to go through a first pass mechanism in my liver meaning that I will feel them a long amount of time after i start. Or will i feel immediate results since ive been doing 1-AD for the past 4 weeks. ALSO, i decided im not oging with the 4-ad im just gonna do my last week of straight 1-AD at around 600mg is that bad?> My libido now is super


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