gyno from sustevol/propadrol cycle

  1. gyno from sustevol/propadrol cycle

    213lbs up from 209 a week ago when i started
    13% bf
    lifting experience 11 years(7 years serious)
    ive been taking 2 propadrol(60mg) and 1 sustevol daily. sustevol is a mix of pheraplex(5mg) ,superdol(5mg), and halodro(50mg)l.

    getting puuffy "out" facing nipples with a tiny bit of pain but not much. is this due to propadrol being a progestin as well as superdrol?

    would and ai or serm cure this?


  2. take the serm man, the serm, hurry. If it's nolva 60 mg stat!!

  3. This is in the wrong section. Take your question to the Steroid, or PCT forum on this site.

  4. Dude I have heard from a lot of people that are having the same experience from Propadrol.



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