im sick again need some help thyroid related

  1. im sick again need some help thyroid related

    little back round I got real sick over the winter coming off of a ass cycle and used clomid/nolva for pct.

    I got real sick for about 4-5 months.It finally went away and i started trying to lose some wieght for this summer.

    I started taking dicana and im getting sick again.Is there any way its from that.

    I just went to the doctor and told her I want the strongest stuff she has.Iv been sick for like 5 months now.I stoped talking dicana 5 days ago and still getting sick.

    She gave me arithomax.6 pills ****ing cost me 100 bucks(no insurance)

    is there a link to high thyroid and weak ammune system?

  2. could be "allergic" to thyroid meds but that is usually rash-like. id look online in the future either to fill your own scripts or get wo the doc.

  3. how messed up is this country.When I was in greece they would just give you these things for free or if it was severe you would pay as much as you could.

    and to top it all off after asking him why its so much.I mean its only 6 pills he tells.I ask how much are they with insurance he says we charge the insurance 40 dollars for these.

    I tried not to make a sceene in there but i wanted to smash this ignorant pos guys face.

    he says we have big contracks with the insurance is wrong with this country???

    im 24 with no insurance life is great i tell ya

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