Unsponsored Invictus Log

  1. Unsponsored Invictus Log

    Hello fellow AM members! I know there are quite a few logs of Iron-Legion's Invictus but I wanted to do my own log to hold myself accountable and to contribute in some way to the forum that has helped me out so much. So here we go:

    Current Stats:
    245 LBS
    If I had to guess my body fat percentage, I would wager about 25%
    I've been working out seriously for about 3 years, though I previously only cared about strength and managed to get quite fat. Haha

    My goals for this cycle:
    I hope to lose some weight while maintaining muscle and strength as best I can. I'll be eating between 1900 and 2100 calories daily depending on how snacky I get. Shooting for 200g protein, 200g carbs and 45g fat

    Other supplements I'll be running: I have 4 days left of Ignit3 and Super Shr3d and I always take a multivitamin, fish oil, TUDCA, coq10, Hawthorne berry and garlic for general health reasons.

    It's day two of my 1 bottle trial run of Invictus. My thoughts so far are just that this stuff smells pleasant and rubs in/dries more quickly and cleanly than I expected, which is a plus. The reason I picked Invictus is that I have struggled with depression and suicidal ideation for about as long as I have memories and nothing helped much until I tried 7 ketoDHEA which I cycle time on=time off and while on 7 Keto, my "bad days" are reduced to about 2 days a month or so and since I understand Invictus is essentially the beneficial metabolite of 7-Keto, I'm hoping the effect on my thoughts/mood will be even better. Wish my luck and thanks for coming along for the ride!

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  3. Awesome in on this.
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  4. Alright so day three. It's Valentine's day and my diet is so off the wall bad (I don't think my girlfriend would react well to a romantic dinner of protein powder and dextrose) that I'm just going to write it off as a loss. But other than that, I feel just fine, still likely too early to really "feel" much and tomorrow should be the first log that includes a workout

  5. Day four:
    Feeling good! Nailed my macros, workout was: 8-5-3-1-1 flat bench and incline bench 12x3 flys, pushdowns and hammer curls
    5x5 concentration curls and 20 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

  6. In on this to support you, and the high quality supplement that is Invictus!

  7. Following!! Invictus is some awesome stuff!

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    I bet @delsolrob will want in here too
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    Will also be interested to see if it offers benefit to your sense of well-being
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  11. Sorry there wasn't an update yesterday, a bunch of crazy stuff happened at work that I had to deal with and my log was the last thing on my mind. In any case, my workout yesterday was deadlift 5x5 pulldown 15x3 shrugs 15x3 and wrist curls 15x3. Today was the first day I noticed real changes though. It's odd actually, I'm up two pounds (I'm thinking just water/glycogen from simple sugars yesterday) but my strength is through the roof, I did the first listed workout again and I was able to add 15 pounds to my bench which was an awesome surprise. As an added bonus, though I've seen logs where people said it didn't happen, libido is crazy high today. Maybe a coincidence? We'll see if it stays high.

  12. The libido boost is quite real. I get it every time I have used Invictus...


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