Advice for a 43 yr old lifter

  1. Advice for a 43 yr old lifter

    Hey everyone , always great advice on here, I'll make this fast. I'm 43, been lifting 20 years , been on a steady decline of muscle loss and strength for about the last 6 years now , diet is not great but I don't go nuts eating junk. I'm 241 pounds at 6ft and pretty weak now in all major lifts. Have gained lots of fat around the midsection only. My question is what would be better ? 7 keto, dhea or sarms ? I'm looking for someone in my age with first hand experience, also what's the safest risk vs reward wise, thanks everyone !


  2. What if my test levels are within range ? Or do you think that's my issue from what I describe ?

  3. Diet is #1, without that the rest is a waste of money. I was in the same position about 19 months ago. I'm 46, 5'3". Went from 183 lbs to 177 and peaked at 201 about a month ago, it's been life changing but worth the dedication

  4. I here you bristol, but dieting seems to cause me to lose more muscle

  5. I mean. I'm only 26 and haven't ran into an issue like that but from what I'm hearing it sound like low testosterone could be an issue. Definitely do some more research on the topic. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  6. Ok, well this is what I did prior to any "supplements" for the first 10 months or so. 1 to 1.5 GM protein/lb of body weight. I keep to about 250 minimum/day. No bread, sugar, junk food, fast food, pasta, flour, eat 6 times a day about every 3 hours. More details but you can't possibly lose muscle

  7. Good point as well, get you blood done before anything and check estrogen and IGF as well. If you are dedicated to doing it do it right!!

  8. Thanks for the advice guys , aging sucks lol no thoughts on sarms ?

  9. I've ran them and had decent results. Rad helped trim me up and lgd helped pack on a little mass

  10. I just got ost and lig and waiting until about October. Did some pro hormones and got decent results but it shut down my test and fcked my liver enzymes. Took two months to get them straight, won't do pros anymore. In truth, real hear is still cheaper, much more effective, test and Var great mild cycle and effective....IF You Diet!!!

  11. True. I just did test and mast and had some really great results

  12. 41 here and agree on trying to get your diet locked in before giving anything else a go. Aging sucks, but I'd start with the easiest answer first.
    ***PES Representative***

  13. Get roids.dont waste money on otc crap

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Bigandweak View Post
    What if my test levels are within range ? Or do you think that's my issue from what I describe ?
    It certainly could be. You should be seeing a doctor in your 40s anyway, so use this time to get tested and make sure they do a full hormone panel with CBC/lipids. You don't want to just check test levels.

  15. Im 46 and to be honest everything is a ware until yr nutrition is in order. Started at 5'10" 165lbs and now 218 at 11% bf. I found intermittent fasting worked wonders for me. Get rid of all processed foods. If u dont cook it fresh dont eat it. In doing 250 protein 450 carb broke up over 5 meals. Make most of ur carb sources rice and veggies. As far as sarms i used them to get my feet wet but for the cost/benefit i would buy aas. Aas arent fat burners tho and if ur bf is high id get it down before use

  16. Ok man, many bros here to help you.. I'm 42, my absolutely best moments of losing fat where when diet was on point 100%. I mean.. macros calculated and seriously dieting (not mean: "only eat junk food on weekends").
    Diet diet diet diet diet

    Then..... sarms can help a bit,

  17. Thanks for all the great advice ! I agree that my diet needs to be on point for a while before exploring other areas , I just felt like with my age even with a strict diet I wouldn't make any gains.

  18. Quinoa full of ecdysteroids

  19. Diet is important, but not as important as getting yourself checked out. Regardless of your goals, you need to go for general health.

  20. ^agreed, OP get bloods done.

  21. Agreed, your first priority should be getting a full battery of bloods done.

    I'd do a full hormone panel
    Thyroid panel
    Vitamin D

    Trying to use Sarms or gear without knowing your bloods is like driving without your headlights on. You may do more damage than good.


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